Multiplicator LP provider for $SOV stacker

Hello team and $SOV follower,

I would like to know what are your though on the possibility to improve the LP provider’s rewards according to the amount of $SOV stacked and vested (add a multiplicator for instance on LP’s rewards).

The idea behind this is to reuse one of the key function of curve protocol to incentive the staker and increase the TVL on $SOV protocol as it is done on curve protocol.

I do not have yet any idea of tokenomics/number to use in order to make it work right now.
I think that if it were to be put into consideration, it will be dependant on the time of the vesting and the number of $SOV staked.

This could bring to have a better competition for the subprotocol and more involvment from the community in order to have better DeFi on their protocol instead of the other.

Thank you for your thought on this topic,
Thank you for the team for their hard work up to know :slight_smile:

Merry christmas for all :christmas_tree: