New Potential SIP - Sovryn Ape

Hello friends,

In an effort to bring more value to Sovryn and the token $SOV, and to increase staking revenue I would like to present the following potential SIP.

Please let me know any and all feedback, and, hopefully we can add this to the Sovryn Ecosystem.

Special shout out to @MattBrad and the other CM for their input in putting this together.

Cheers, stay Sovryn


If people are not a fan of the “Sovryn Ape” name, I think Sovryn Bettr could be a good alternative.
“Simply the best, Bettr than all the rest”, “Bettr Gambling”.


Betting - Go Up Number Bitcoin Wallet

Can RSK use Discreet Log Contracts (DLCs) to build a predictions market like in the link?