NFT's for maximum stakers

Hi guys,

Not sure if it’s even mentioned here.
But wouldnt it be a nice idea to create NFT’s for max stakers?

The more you stake, the more ‘rare’ the NFT will be.

There will be a snapshot at a certain date + time to give people a deadline to obtain this NFT.
It will be an extra reward towards the longterm supporters and true believers of Sovryn.
We can start with a low amount to give everybody a shot for at least the most common NFT.

Lets say as follows:
10 SOV for maximum staking time. Most common NFT
100 SOV for maximum staking time. A bit less common
1000 SOV for maximum staking time. Rare
2500 SOV for maximum staking time. Ultra rare
5000 SOV for maximum staking time. This must be a special one
+10000 SOV for maximum staking time. The most rarest awesome NFT ever created

Maybe we can get some more people onboard staking extra SOV to give them a NFT or upgrade to a more rare NFT.

Next to that it will be an awesome reward towards the maximalists Stakers.

Feel free to drop your ideas on this topic.


Love it! Such a simple nice idea.

Would be a great way to launch the NFT section of Sovryn. Not everyone is into NFTs, and this would be an awesome way for all Sovryn stakers to learn about NFTs and have a literal stake in the NFT platform.

Alternative distribution scheme to discuss would be a simple treshold (500 SOV?) and NFTs of equal rarity. I have no real preference for that scheme as opposed to the one suggested.

problem with 500 SOV is that not everybody can afford it.

so my point of view is to reward also the smaller fish by starting at 10SOV.
but because this is easier to obtain, the NFT should be more common, this will happen automatically because there will be simply more people staking 10SOV than 1000 SOV, and even less people staking 10.000+ SOV.

most important thing is, they must be staked maximum amount of time when snapshot is taken.
you could even do this every year a couple of times to generate new NFT’s for new maximum time stakers that are joining the party after the snapshot. let’s say 4 times a year, every quarter.

Voting power is not leading in this case. someone staking 10.000 SOV for 1 year will not get any NFT, while someone with 10 SOV staking for maximum time will get a NFT.
purely on staking time, no VP.

I would then consider adding some value to the NFT’s in relation to one of the protocol’s functions, to elevate them above mere trophies. Could be something small, like a tiny trading fee rebate or whatever.

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I like this idea :slight_smile: I am a visual artist and would love to contribute with some art if need be :slight_smile: Glad to do what I can to help the ecosystem grow!


overall very cool idea, i would love to see how this develops