Presale buy using OSSOV Staking subsidies

In relation to the latest community call discussions about BitcoinOS And coming up with suggestions, What do bitcoinOS devs & stakers think about Somehow aligning the staking rewards from SIP77 into bitcoinOS By allowing us to convert it into BOS tokens using a presale mechanic

This would help BOS With their funding and also aligning both communities together, maybe putting Some of the bad blood aside, As stakers Have been accumulating these rewards and or then also additionally awarded by Being allowed to use it Beneficiary as a pre-sale.

discuss & invite bitcoinOS devs to the chat please👍

BOS is BitcoinOS token and SOV will be Sovryn BOS layer token, so separate, plus Sovryn will remain a governance token which is not what devs at BOS believe their token is useful for.

Best you could ask given for would be converting Sovryn 10% allocation to stakers giving back their SOV to Sovryn. I haven’t followed through if that’s already the case and 10% allocation of BOS is already for stakers or just SOV treasury.
Or 10% just being allocated to stakers on a longer period, without any SOV conversion.

you are misunderstanding what I am Proposing.

-Let stakers that has received vested OSSOV exchange it into BOS tokens in some sort of VC deal

all these people has chose to comitt their stakes in furtherance of bitcoinOS launch as it were said “they would benefit the most”


I hope BOS agrees to add an allocation but I still think this would run in the Sovryn 10% “stake”. I really haven’t followed through the communications over Sov and Bos relationship but unless Bos agrees Idk.

As a NOT $ossov receiver I would be fine with Sovryn converting part of its 10% to these stakers if it helps mitigate the issue within the community.