Staking with SOV and RBTC

I don’t know if this idea has been considered before, but is it possible for SOV governance staking to have an option to stake both SOV and RBTC so that the SOV that is locked up for governance can also be used to farm for liquidity in an SOV/RBTC pair?

If SOV locked up for staking is just locked up doing nothing, then I imagine having some RBTC locked up with it will allow those funds to earn a higher yield. I just thought about this because I want to participate in governance but at the same time I am looking for more yield on my SOV and RBTC.

I’m afraid that’s a type of double-dipping that’s not possible.

Thank you for the reply!

I wasn’t actually thinking about double dipping but rather a choice between staking rewards and liquidity rewards but since the liquidity rewards are earned via the governance mechanism then you can still get voting power.

Would that make more sense? If not possible from a technical point of view then I can understand.