Problems staking Sov from Ledger

Are there any known issues staking SOV from a ledger HWW (I’m using an X)?

I’ve tried with Brave and Chrome, with/without VPN. All parameters of the staking transaction are approved on the HWW but after the ‘approve and send’ step, nothing happens (no SOV reduction in HWW balance, no increase in staked assets, nada). In case relevant, I connected to HWW through nifty.

Purchase of SOV went through (relatively) easily using rBTC. But not able to support this as I’d like to by staking.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

same issue here. Ledger nano S

16/04/2021 Follow up.
I tried a different route, using Nifty browser wallet (connected to HWW). This meant I could now see an error message, that my rBTC balance is too low to authorise the TX (I had thought it would deduct this from my SOV balance).

I’ll try moving adding some rBTC and get back to you. But my (probably obvious) suggestion is, check you have enough rBTC in your wallet to pay the fees.

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18/04/2021 Conclusion.
OK so it was my stupid mistake. Funding the wallet with rBTC means that I’ve now been able to stake.
I find that nifty allows me visibility of the error messages BUT the transactions do not complete. However, if I use the direct connection from the Sovryn app to my ledger, then transactions (e.g. staking) do succeed (as long as I have sufficient rBTC on it!).

Exactly, I’ve skipped Nifty, and using Ledger directly. Just (for the future) need to manage how to transfer rBTC back to BTC :slight_smile:

Have just joined and had no problem using my Nano X to swap RBTC for SOV or staking it BUT I had read on the WIKI that you must have a small amount of RBTC for GAS in your wallet as all swaps, stakes and delegation is funded this way so I left $50 worth unconverted. The fees are negligible though, but can’t be paid by SOV.
I am using Brave browser 64 bit for Windows 10.
Hope this helps

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Radar333-Have you figured this one out yet? All I need to go full force with sovryn is rbtc back to btc and how to see my rbtc balance on my cold wallet.

Hi, I didn’t convert rBTC back to BTC yet… I can see my rBTC balance directly on live.sovryn, so do you should see it.

Thank you Radar333.
I’m taking this system for a test drive before going full force. Meaning I want my rBTC in my cold storage, I rather not leave it in ANY exchange. Second, I need to understand how to change it back to BTC, since ultimately BTC is what I hold.

Once I have these two things down packed, I’ll start using the system full force. I trade on centralized systems and can’t wait to do it all decentralized. Sovryn is part of my research thus far.

I found this article that looks very promising, so I’ll give it a try.

To have the private keys of your rBTCs in your hardware wallet and interact directly with the platform, you can use the direct HW integration with Sovryn:

You can also have the pk on the HW to sign the transactions but use browser extension wallets like Nifty as an intermediary.

Regarding rBTC to BTC:
There are several alternatives, some include CEXs, others are decentralized ones (I’ll call them DEX):
If you want to get BTC from rBTC:
DEX (without KYC):

  1. RSK PowPeg (The native RSK mechanism)
  2. Defiant Wallet (integrates PowPeg natively)
  3. Liquality Wallet
  4. And the newest: Bisq (


  1. Send rBTC to Kucoin, then trade there for BTC
  2. In swap rBTC->RIF (check slippage, but for 2k 3k works well)
    Send those RIF to Binance and trade there for BTC

If you want to withdraw to another token in another network like Ethereum or BSC, you can use the Sovryn Bridge:
how to:
Using the Binance (BSC) Bridge | Sovryn Wiki


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Thank you for taking the time in guiding me in the right direction.
RBTC to BTC- got it… Liquality wallet is the best. Super easy.
As for HW- Attached is the screenshot from where I was able to get to.
Note RSK-public was not an option for me.
This is the last part I need to figure out, once I get this part, good-by centralize anything.

One more thing:
I’ve been playing with the trading pars in Spot.
XUSD - RBTC under spot is not an option yet. Or any stable coin in spot to trade back to RBTC. This will eliminate centralized exchanges as buying and selling BTC on spot trading using stable coins is a very useful trading technique.
Any word on the status of this option?

Thanks again.


  • You can also exchange rBTC for XUSD, rUSDT, DOC and other pairs in the swap tab:

  • Liquality does not have hardware wallets integration yet, if I remember correctly.

Thank you for your reply.
The problem is that there is no withdraw/send option when working from hw.
Can’t wait for liquality wallet to have hw connection.

It feels like the money in hw is stock in there when using hw with sovryn.

Enable contract data!

Problem solved.

It has that feature.