Stereotypes vs Individuals: BCW et al. + Real Apology

The primitive parts of our brain fall far too easily to drama, tribalism and bias.

Yesterday, D Man wrote an insincere “apology” post as a new opportunity to launch attacks, and then announced that he would be “choosing a more quiet life than to be keyboard warrior” and then despite this, went on to call a new member of our community a “dumb cunt” and told another to go fuck themselves. :man_facepalming:

In and of itself, immature antics of this kind are not a problem - already pretty much everyone has learned to ignore them. What is a problem, is that they bleed over and unjustly color an entire group of people. An entire group of Sovryns.

I am referring to the Sovryns who are also members of BCW. They are the ones who have suffered most as result of these shenanigans. A very substantial part of the Sovryn community comes from BCW. This is to D’s credit. He introduced a lot of people to the project. These Sovryns are not tourists. They have been here from early on, are engaged community members and share the long term, fundamental vision for Sovryn. They continue to invest time, thought, money and effort in the success of Sovryn. yet they are being characterised as “pump and dumpers” and trolls.

Yes, there are BCW tourists, who showed up as a brigade of trolls to echo D’s voice. But they are gone. And they were always the minority.

Those who were here before and are here now, are among the best of us. So we must not confuse the actions of D or of other BCW members as representative of the whole. We must not succumb to
drama, tribalism and bias.

If anyone from BCW feels unwelcome, I apologize. Let’s amend that feeling.

We are Sovryn. We stay Sovryn.


Thank you Yago. I appreciate both you and D. I am from BCW. I am here to stay. I wish there was a way forward for you and D. You have the vision. D has given so much to Sovryn. I hate to see you two schism. If there were to be any repair I think it would have to be private and personal.

Forgiveness is the glue that makes relationship possible. A world without it is one in which we kill each other or isolate from each other. But to reconcile both must want it and both must sacrifice. Both must be able to see the way forward together.

I appreciate that as BCW I am welcome here.


I want to add, that you are right BCW is not a pump and dump group. Dman actually saved me from a pump and dump group. I am eternally grateful!


Thank you bro.

@yago you don’t see man that we have the same goal? To make good for Sovryn.
Just you got offended by my WAY of talking and I got offended by your WAY of NOT talking/ignoring.

I won’t go into details so you don’t think something else is my agenda.

What is sincere is I am sorry it came to this with Sovryn and I believe you know it.
But everyone here sees it’s not a one way street. It’s two-way.

Your close mod-level people were calling the group that supported you a pump and dump and you did nothing about it.

You promised in AMA one thing and ignored it…

and it all started like that, I don’t want to go over it.

Bro, I wished well for you and for Sovryn. I had no harmful intentions.
If you cannot accept a handshake offered to you… it will be on you.
I’ll do no harm to Sovryn. Just I’ll stop attempting to make a change, because simply, I don’t know or have a way to make my vision or ideas resonate with the leadership. Is that fair to say?

Thank you.

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Also, I have to explain you something about the BCW.

BCW has been attempted to be separated many times. It’s main strength is unity and loyalty.
You will know what I tell is true, because while your ego might have been touched by my gestures, I think the likes of Sovryn Hooligan and such great guys didn’t do anything to offend you, yet they decided to withdraw their support for Sovryn.

You can’t call that a win.

Also you can’t call BCW to feel welcome without mending things with me. They are not trolls or brigade of trolls as you call them. It’s very sad you refer to them that way. Because those ‘trolls’ put their real savings, real money into supporting Sovryn so early, when people didn’t know what Sovryn is and when I helped you coin the “defi for bitcoin” phrase.

This is the problem I had with you. You can’t call a “brigade of trolls” people whose words you dislike. I mean, you can… but it’s not the most effective way of leadership.

You didn’t attempt one single time to mend things with me. You don’t understand your position. If you’re a leader… how would you lead your kingdom? Like dictator to whose ego we all must bow down? While preaching community-leadership?

Bro, I won’t go in details, because if you’ll understand me, you’ll understand me with this. Otherwise you’ll again feel attacked and nothing will get done.


and regarding your member I called dumb cunt. I stand by it. She is a dumb cunt.
I explained it even… it came after she called my group “pump and dump”. So it means, I didn’t choose a random member to insult. She actually insulted something dear to me with LIES.

You also offended me as I said, by doing nothing to prevent your top level guys from naming BCW pump and dump that you KNOW it isn’t.

You see my point?
You see the two way street?

Fuck, I can’t say it any better than this. Any more polite or nice. I’m trying though…

Dude, yes he can. You don’t own these people. You’re intentionally twisting words, badmouthing and antagonizing just to create hostility. With every post you make you’re being taken less and less seriously, so do yourself a favor and take a break.


Look, you can talk semantics if you want to, or you can understand the meaning. Of course people have their own mind. and BCW people are loyal to D because we have seen his accuracy and knowledge in crypto over and over again, and we have seen his giving spirit. Sure, you might have a few here and there who stay, but the majority, the ones who invested the most, the ones who were there from the beginning, they will go. I will stay because I love the idea of sovryn, but if my confidence before in Sovryn’s success was 70% now it will be 10%.

I listened to the branding call. I don’t understand why we have to spend so much time on the abstract vision of sovryn when we don’t have practical functionality to onboard more users. I am paying attention and I see the problems that D has brought to the table.

I don’t even like the way D talks on his own channels. But I respect his intelligence and I have learned to read the meaning in what he says in spite of how he says it. Its called cross cultural communication.

All I am saying here, I would not be so quick to ignore and ostracize the BCW community. They have been a big part of Sovryn’s success. There is no BCW without D as there is no Sovryn without Yago. Lose the leader, lose the community and it means everyone loses.

I respect sov hooligan. I deligated my vote for SIP at times to him. These were serious Sovryns that are losing their confidence in Sovryn. For the sake of Sovryn, it would be good to find a way forward together.


If you had Sovryn’s actual interests at heart you wouldn’t be looking to restrict development funds or lock up sov tokens. Your only interest is in boosting the price of sov and to do this you require changing the tokenomics and diverting development work away from work that actually matters.

All of your means to achieve your ends are bad for sovryn. If all you care about is pumping the price and you want to change the tokenomics that all of us agreed on when purchasing sov, how would you describe yourself? Are your demands for changes actually good for the platform and developers or are they simply good for your paid-for club?

Call me whatever you want, but you reek of a paid for pump and dump club with no actual long term interest in sovryn. Sov will do just fine if the developers work on what matters and create good products and not your short term gains of sov.

Imagine if shareholders of Tesla or Amazon demanded the companies lockup their cash reserves. Sovryn investors want to fund development and growth. I’m baffled by why you’re even here. Your intentions are so obviously not inline with Sovryn’s best interests, but instead your short-term sov gains. If the market is mispricing sov future returns and growth, that’s an opportunity! Stop complaining.

You’re a short sighted misogynistic loudmouth and I’m shocked anyone’s still listening to your rambles at this point.


+++. I could not agree more and definitely could not have expressed my opinion better.


I agree with the statement above. We don’t all always see eye to eye, however… for a true growth in overall society, community, human race… this is one thing we must grasp. Cross cultural communication and not being offended by someone else way of life as long as no one is harming. I don’t necessarily agree with everything D Man states or how things get phrased sometimes but take the bigger picture of things and what resonates… i’ve personally seen his track record, knowledge in the industry with projects fundamentals, spotting BS projects and SOLID ones ect ect… and you should know that the plan D organized was something created not solely for his or the BCW groups interests but for SOVS project growth in its entirety. Homie cares about things he is invested in. Also… WHAT DRAWS MORE ATTENTION TO A PROJECT THAN GREEN WICKS WITH SOLID CHART FUNDIMENTALS? Not saying lets completly rescipt the damn project so it moons according to D… but take things into consideration from people who are knowledgable in their industry and implement strategically with some middle ground that works for the entire projects growth and awareness. If you wanted to learn certain skill set you’d approach someone in the industry or go to school (same same) and start asking questions to learn, even if the teacher is aragont at times, youd still soak in the information. Right? We should all be willing to learn from others while doing our own due diligence in critical thinking and discernment. I agree the SIP D created was more along the lines of a demand in context of how it was written but this is just Ds way of talking and for anyone not in BCW i can see how that would not be appreciated. Disagreements are one thing, being adults about it is another… Name calling is childish and thats me calling BOTH D AND YAGO on that. I am no troll, and certainly not tribal in any sense of the word if I am here investing my personal assets to the SOV project. I believe in SOV long term and wouldn’t have discovered it if not for D, I respect both parties and wish that we fellow BCW`s would not be labeled as some pump and dump group nor tribal or bias. You cant state that based off one persons actions Yago. Kinda fucked up. Ive seriously learned more revolving crypto by being involved in BCW than I would have anywhere else and am very grateful for D because he has saved my ass many times from bad projects. Not saying SOV is by any means either. I listen to my own intuition along with the edges I’ve been given from trustworthy individuals while… get this, the tricky part… my own decision making. Whoa… You know, like A SOVEREIGN INDIVIDUAL not some Troll… or mindless cult following person.