"There is not enough ETH in the aggregator right now."

Just encountered the above message while attempting to transfer ETHs onto Binance Smart Chain via Sovryn Bridge. Considering I’d sourced the ETH for this express purpose, with no intention of continuing to hold it for more than an hour, needless to say I wasn’t best pleased.

Would it therefore be possible to immediately show all pertinent restrictions when inputting a hypothetical value to the Starting Chain “Amount” field, so that such frustrations can be prevented? Currently, any value entered without a corresponding balance in play simply shows “You don’t have enough [X]”; whereas if I’d known of the liquidity shortage beforehand, I might have re-thought my decision to acquire “X” in the first place.

hi @Profesh I’m not entirely clear what you were trying to do. Did you but ETHs to move them onto BSC?

Hi @yago,

Yes, that’s correct: my intention was to explore a potential arbitraging opportunity; however I was thwarted in the attempt by (I presume) a lack of exit liquidity on BSC.

Had the Bridge given me visibility of available liquidity beforehand —in similar fashion to say, xpollinate.io—I could’ve spared myself an unnecessary transaction.