Thoughts about possible future SIP

In my opinion it is not a good idea that exchequer can unilaterally decide the SOV incentives for AMM and lending pools. This adds centralization, and excludes the community. I had some thoughts about another way that would empower the circle of tokens and the bitocracy, and also would be more in line with what other protocols like AAVE or Osmosis are doing.

It would go something like this: COT submits a basic report with suggestions on which pools should receive incentives, how much and why on a regular basis. These recommendations would then be put to a simple yay or nay vote by the Bitocracy. Yay means the changes are implemented, nay means incentives remain as they were.
To not make this too much of a burden, this would not be done weekly, but biweekly or monthly.
I do not think making adjustments weekly, biweekly or monthly would lead to a materially different outcome. I also think that realistically not much would change, because most voters probably would go with the COT recommendations anyway.
Nevertheless, it would remove a point of centralization, increase transparency, empower the community through the Bitocracy and allow for more ideas and discussion, all of which could only be positive.

I would appreciate any thoughts on this idea.


I see your point, a small group deciding on incentives is far from ideal. But, given the current context and state that things are in, I currently have no objection to a small group temporarily being given the power to make the small changes that help the tokenomics. It makes things quicker and more flexible, and their use of time more efficient.

Agree with both of you. It is not an ideal scenario to have a small set of (unelected) people decide over AMM and Lending pool incentives in the long run. As Sovryn is still in Alpha and while looking at the current market environment, I think its best to continue with a flexible setup for the time being.