Trading History - Failure %

I’ve done 29 Margin trades on Sovryn since 8/5/21 of those 29 trades 6 of them never appeared in the Trading History after closing the margin trade. The funds return as expected so no issues there.
But not having the hash info and other information makes it difficult to track all my profit loss accurately.
I also track the info on a separate excel sheet, and am forced to “Guess” to a “Close” range my profit loss for recording reasons.
Does anyone else have this issue and is there something I’m doing wrong? Is this an item already being addressed?
Currenly 20% failure rate for Trading History is pretty bad IMO.
Luke aka Lucastos

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Same here. My margin trade that I have closed before 2021-05-19 do not appear in margin trade history. The trade that I opened on 2021-07-23 and closed on 2021-07-29 shows in my margin trade history.

Same here. I placed my first 2 x RBTC/XUSD shorts overnight and closed them both this morning at +8% yet the trading history is empty.