Unlocking Sovryn's Potential: Navigating Challenges and Building a Strong Community

Upon my entry into the Sovryn project, I anticipated a thriving decentralized exchange (DEX) on a Bitcoin sidechain. However, the 75% price drop and ongoing token dumping by initial investors have led me to a deeper understanding of the challenges Sovryn faces within the Bitcoin community.

Challenges Faced by Sovryn:

  1. Bitcoiner Resistance to Sidechains: Bitcoin enthusiasts often resist sidechains and additional functionalities due to regulatory fears and concerns about potential issues. There’s a preference to avoid Ethereum’s programming language and infrastructure, hindering the adoption of technologies like Sovryn.
  2. Venture Capitalist Pressures: The pressure on venture capitalists to sell early for shareholder profit adds complexity. Unlike retail investors dreaming of substantial returns, venture capitalists aim to secure quick profits, impacting the token’s value.
  3. Limited Support for Sidechains: Bitcoin holders predominantly support Bitcoin’s layer one and the Lightning Network, posing a challenge to the acceptance of sidechains like RSK.


Hope on the Horizon:

  1. Growing Community Support: Despite challenges, Sovryn has seen a notable increase in volunteer staking, rising from less than 7 million SOV to around 13 million. A larger, committed community is essential for Sovryn’s success.
  2. Commitment to Long-Term Vision: The key to Sovryn’s success lies in building a community willing to hold and wait for DeFi on Bitcoin’s sidechain to become a reality. This involves a commitment to stake for extended periods, even with and willing to accept the 30% penalty.

Building a Robust Sovryn Community:

  1. Staking Commitment: To attract future investors, Sovryn needs a committed community willing to sacrifice short-term gains for the project’s long-term success. Staking needs to surpass 25 million, ideally reaching 51 million, to demonstrate widespread support.
  2. Circulating Supply Staked: Ensuring that at least 50% or more of the circulating supply is staked is crucial for Sovryn’s stability. This strategy minimizes the risk of liquidity being drained by sellers, providing a solid foundation for the project.

Looking Ahead:

Warning for Potential Investors: Prospective investors should be cautious, understanding that entering the market now may expose them to liquidity risks. The community needs to prioritize staking to counterbalance potential market manipulations. Potential newcomers need to see mass staking willing to extend over 3 years and must be 25 million to 51 million the more the better in the end.


While Sovryn faces challenges, a committed community and strategic staking can pave the way for success. Navigating current market dynamics requires a collective effort to build a resilient ecosystem for Sovryn’s decentralized exchange on the Bitcoin sidechain.


Good summary! Thanks for putting this together.


I agree that there should be continued focus on increasing Staking participation.

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Thanks for the great summary. I would add to the challenges an additional point: Capacity of leading team. As much as we love the vision, the past hast shown that vision has to enter into execution. Hiding behind market conditions wouldn’t be correct. Not following daily the development of Sovryn as we do not see continuity and the necessary professionalism. Having said that, we wholeheartedly wish team and community all the best to strive to the stars.

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