What's Our Roll-Up Status

Would it be possible to get a more comprehensive update on the roll-up situation from the team?

I know the intention has always been to go roll-up route. Then, I know we hit a speed-bump and the roll-up was either delayed, or cancelled in the near term ? Yet, I see other EVM projects actively talking about migrating to a roll-up, so I am just confused what happen on our end.

So, a few questions:

  • What were the different roll-up options we looked at?
  • What in particular was wrong with the roll-up we were planning on going over to that prevented us from migrating?
  • Which features do we have planned that are now delayed or cannot go into effect without a roll-up?
  • What other scaling options are we looking at?
  • What is the estimated time-frame on a roll-up like solution. Are we looking at months or years?



This was addressed in the recent community call I saw. In a nutshell:

Optimism rollups turned out to be more complex than expected. Arbitrum is currently rolling out and gaining traction. But the Sovryn team isn’t sure if either roll-up provides sufficient security guarantees. They’re now looking at ZK-rollups, which they believe is the most elegant solution. But this is a process of many months, most likely.

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In light of recent events, I would like to bring this topic back on the forum so there is a single post for updates instead of comments scattered around different channels.

John Light had a tweet about a Sovereign Rollup being one step lower than a Validity Rollup. So does it make sense for Sovryn to become a Sovereign Rollup first and later, if it ever becomes possible, become a Validity Rollup?

Or do the Sovryn devs have other plans? Would love some update.

I understand that Sovryn devs have always been very careful with any updates/changes but I would also not want Sovryn to miss the early advantage they have in this subject.


Damn, glad you brought this up! Working to prepare an update for next month.


Thanks for bringing this up!

I am very keen to know where we stand on this issue.