Alternative SOV Token Emission Schedule

Let’s discuss the current Token Emission Schedule, and see if we can adapt it to changing market conditions. Since the market varies, maybe so can the amount of SOV tokens being released.

First thoughts are that this could be achieved by voting each time, or via an algorithm that can be made understandable to those interested.

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As this is a crucial topic, I want to resurrect it.

The existing SOV Token Emissions Schedule is from February. An update is desperately needed, as it is no longer correct. The sale to Pomp’s syndicate has changed the programmatic sale part. The Adoption fund is mainly used for the yield farming rewards, but it’s hard to say how those have kept pace with projections. And so on. This transparency is important. Circulating supply should be known and semi-predictable.

Additionally: Supply will increase in the coming months, mainly due to vesting founders and early investors tokens. An evermore downward sloping chart is not good promotion when it comes to attracting new interest and users. I’m not sure if this was discussed in community calls or behind the scenes, but I assume so - as it ought to be. The team may want to consider extended vesting periods, or similar popular solutions…

I would like this thread to spur some further discussion around these crucial issues.


Seconded. We need an update and one that holds true for 1 yr+

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The emission schedule hasn’t changed. Tokens unlocked in the adoption pool are still there but claimable by the exchequer.

Yes, that is the very issue we are trying to discuss and possibly change.

Thanks for the clarification regarding the adoption pool tokens Yago, that makes sense. But it’s only part of the answer I was looking for. It would be good to have an updated version, period. That transparently includes the token sale to Pomp’s syndicate, for example. And if the release schedule hasn’t meaningfully changed aside from that, this should be straightforward.

The secondary question about token emissions, is what the upcoming increasing dilution (primarily by founders and early investor tokens) will do to the falling SOV price. And, by corollary, to the commitment of stakers and other token holders, and to the appeal the token has for prospective new Sovryns…

Simply put: if we’re working really hard to foster adoption on all fronts – trying to win over new liquidity providers, lenders, traders, and stakers – then isn’t it very counter-productive if the downward cascading token value undermines that very adoption…?

If that’s a fair analysis, then a key part of fostering adoption is also to avoid constant dilution and (perceived) sell pressure. And this is where an announcement about extended vesting periods, or proven commitment from early investors not to sell, can really help win over new participants in Sovryn. Aside from having great functionality and a unique selling point, adoption is also about mass psychology…

This could be a relatively easy, productive step in the psychological war to win over more hearts and minds for the Sovryn platform. Something to think about.