AMA 26/03/2024 - Communication Issues

Good afternoon All,

In the AMA yesterday, a question regarding the communication of SOV came up. As a noob I personally am loving everything about SOV over the last year.

However… After mulling on the complaint and also relistening to the answer Edan gave I poked the bear in the SOV-SQUAD / POWA RANGERS Telegram.

@SOV HOOLIGAN came to the thread with this:


  1. Reaction: Vote No on SIPs,

  2. Ideas: Have AMA for every single SIP, allow PLENTY of time for EVERY SIP, at least 2-3 weeks for people to comment, and Sovryn team MUST ANSWER on every question raised (not just selected ones) before sending any SIP into voting,

  3. How we can help in any way: By making sure all the above are in place for transparency and better communication14:17

in my opinion it can be a lot better, I am not saying that there is zero effort, but things can definitely improve. I feel the only way to actually make things better is a 30-40% NO votes on SIPs that are not fully clear and transparent, having majority voting on 95%+ gives a signal that everything works fine out there."

My question to Edan and the team who deal with this, is there a way to standardise the SIP process from a metadata perspective:

  1. Clear definitions for use in processes
  2. Standardised processes like when a SIP can actually be cleared to vote, and with locked variables like voting turnout being the same for every SIP.

… As I have only been around a short while this post COULD come out of place, and of course I am missing the nuances that are afforded to people who DO have a full history with Sovryn.

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Regarding the “quorum” variable of any SIP, it depends on the proposal changes. Some contracts are owned by “TimelockOwner”. Here is a link to the details.

Thank you for making this Topic.

I have already written on Discord about the communication issue.

Active instead of passive communication. Offer us AMAs in these tight SIPs. Persons who are making the SIP should be in the forum from day one and answer questions actively throughout the SIP Forum vetting period. Don´t wait till consipiracy theories go rampant but actively engage before this happens. Last two SIPs Yago came in on the last day/day of voting when all the discussion was already over and people had made up their mind. Listen to sentiment, provide background thoughts give us a wider picture - actively not only if pressed by bad sentiment - cause if emotions run high you gonna get red candles and they might not turn back green as peopke get fed up.


  • Active rather then passive communication
  • AMAs are great - should be announced on DAY 1 proposing the SIP and held on DAY 2.
    *. Active participation on SIP Forum post by person making the SIP from >>>>DAY 1<<<<
  • Honest communication “This is a degen move” was good to hear from Yago. Its honest and that creates trust!

Thanks. I appreciate the suggestions and conversation. I will say there can’t always be more than a short time for SIPs. When SIP times are short, I think we have always held an AMA. For longer SIPs the community calls offer an opportunity for discussion.

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I think the biggest issue is with >>timing<< not what actually happened. It always >>felt<< like it was done only because community was not happy retroactively. Thats what my post was about - really be there on day one. announce that there will be an AMA on Day 2 of the SIP or first workday. That way we know there will be more information. I for one would always wait to comment until all information I can get is available.
Here is what I saw:
With the last two SIPs they where proposed on Friday → community was left alone ->Difficult SIPs community started asking question,-> no immediate answers on Friday day → community started assumptions ->no answers on Saturday → community started conspiracy theories and emotions starts to run high → still no answers on Sunday → community starts getting angry → Team starts communicating on Monday but so many questions left unanswered - the day of the vote → community still mad as hell Team announced AMA. and postpones SIP.

How it should have been done:
SIP Proposed on Monday AMA announced for Tuesday → Community asks questions on Monday get answered on Monday or referred to the AMA → AMA Tuesday morning most questions to this point answered. Follow up questions in forum answered on Tuesday and Wednesday - all other channels reffed to forum so everyone has one place to go to get answers. → Vote on Thursday.

if it has to be over the weekend don’t do AMA on the weekend but announce them for Monday. Still questions in the forum need to be answered or referred to AMA so sentiment is kept under control


Just to be clear, I have only been in SOV for a year and have personally had no qualms with the communication.

However, there was more than enough pushback during the AMA and other places (telegram, discord) that I felt it warranted respectful consideration. Thank you both for your diligence on the matter.

Another feather in the cap of this epic community.

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