BitcoinOS Fees for SOV Stakers?

Thanks for raising this here. I hope @yago and others will weigh in with greater clarity.

I think you’ll be hard-pressed to document that I said “there will be no fees except from DEX.” That is your logical inference from what I said, not exactly what I actually said.

Instead, I’m trying to focus on stating what is clear. That is, some of the value accrued by BitcoinOS will be directed to SOV stakers. The wiki says:

The SOV token is the governance token of Sovryn modules and jurisdictions in the BitcoinOS ecosystem.

I think it’s simply not clear how that will play out and what the possibilities are. The possibilities are circumscribed by the goal of BitcoinOS as a public good.

Here’s the section of the BitcoinOS wiki article that describes the role of Sovryn. Everyone who is interested in this issue should read that section.