BitcoinOS Fees for SOV Stakers?

Simple question as this has come up on Discord.

Will BitcoinOS directly generate fees for SOV stakers?
Or on what layer are fees for SOV stakers generated.

What’s the plan? OneDigit says there will be no fees from BitcoinOS for SOV stakers except for DEX, I think I heard @yago say something completely different in the community call but I might be mistaken. Would like a clarification here as I think this is highly important for SOV investor as it would make a night and day difference for future staking revenue and therefore for SOV price development.


I would be interested to hear some clarification about this topic as it looks right now SOV stakers will be asked to vote on SIPs without having all the important information on the table. So how BitcoinOS is going to look like? According to roadmap the plan is to release BitcoinOS late this year, which means a draft plan should already be up for discussion? If you heard onedigit saying there will be no fees then that means a plan is already been discussed within the team. From what Yago said before however, the power will always be with the SOV stakers. Even if there are no plans to include BitcoinOS Fees for SOV stakers, SOV stakers can simply vote No when that SIP comes for voting until such feature is included in the SIP.

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Thanks for raising this here. I hope @yago and others will weigh in with greater clarity.

I think you’ll be hard-pressed to document that I said “there will be no fees except from DEX.” That is your logical inference from what I said, not exactly what I actually said.

Instead, I’m trying to focus on stating what is clear. That is, some of the value accrued by BitcoinOS will be directed to SOV stakers. The wiki says:

The SOV token is the governance token of Sovryn modules and jurisdictions in the BitcoinOS ecosystem.

I think it’s simply not clear how that will play out and what the possibilities are. The possibilities are circumscribed by the goal of BitcoinOS as a public good.

Here’s the section of the BitcoinOS wiki article that describes the role of Sovryn. Everyone who is interested in this issue should read that section.