Bridging DLLR to ETH or L2

DLLR stablecoin is great.
But to expand use case, a DLLR bridge to ETH/ L2 would be help using DLLR as stablecoin adoption.

As a parallel to LUSD, which is available to ETH L2. I think that if DLLR would a available to other chain, that would be great.

I propose
-to create a bridge of DLLR from RSK to ETH and possible bridge on L2 (Arbitrum, Zksync, Base…)
-create a stablecoin pool DLLR/USDC on Maverick or Curve


What would keep people from dumping DLLR for USDC on Curve, since USDC has a lot more use cases right now?

That is the goal , actually it is difficult to somethning with DLLR, so you have to allow a convertion to USDC , which can be used in DeFI or converted to $ offchain or €.

If I want to buy a house with BTC, I have to follow this path in order to get offchain $/€

Aave with GHO is doing this a pool GHO / USDC on Maverick
Liquity with LUSD is doing the same on Curve and Maverick

If you don’t have an easy convertion, you don’t mint DLLR.
If you have an easy convertion, you mint DLLR, you swap it to USDC and you convert


So a direct swap line on Curve / Maverick, will INCREASE market cap of DLLR and more fees to Sovryn

GHO/USDC pool on Maverick

I can manage a pool on Maverick if the governance want