[Circle of Tokens] Task Breakdown

Hello Sovryn’s,

In this forum post we would like to do a task breakdown for the Circle of Tokens. Since our work resources are limited and our Circle is just getting started, we will mostly focus on short and medium-term tasks for now.

Furthermore, we will classify the different tasks according to the necessary skills.

We suggest tackling short-term tasks with the highest priority. This way, we can make sure that we don’t overextend ourselves and that we can quickly contribute to tangible improvements.

Based on our recent discussions, changes to the liquidity mining rewards are the first major target. No SIP is required for such changes. The Exchequer committee could do this without bureaucracy if they are given good arguments. Of course, a certain discussion period should still be ensured in the forum. If you would like to have a say before that, join us!

Another option can be the lock-up of adoption fund $SOV, but this will take some more preparation time and a SIP. However, data-based preparation for such a measure is also useful in the short term. In this regard, a SIP proposal from @the_gimp is also already pending.

There are many more tasks, but everything else should be pushed back a bit until the short-term tasks are completed and until the circle has worked its way in. Nevertheless, a rough structure is already presented here, so that it is clear where the journey is going.

What we would like to see for now is an analysis and presentation of on-chain data based on graphQL in forum posts. Based on that data, we can then make recommendations with regard to changes to liquidity mining and possible token lock-ups.

It is worth noting that we cannot share the GraphQL URL yet because there’s still some polishing to be done by the core dev’s. But we can already share some of the data or pull some data that you’d like to see for your investigations.

This thing is community driven. If you are unsure if you can help with your skills, don’t be shy! The only skill needed is the will to make Sovryn great. The rest can be learned.

If anyone has further suggestions or criticism, we will be happy to add it to the list.

Stay Sovryn!


Is there a second meeting for CoT scheduled?

The second meeting will be this Friday, 3pm UTC in the discord community channel!

We will talk about internal organization and our work packages.
We should also do the election of a circle lead that’s not temporary.

Edit: 3 pm UTC on Friday 13/05/22.