Claiming Rewards

I just claimed rewards for the first time. The transaction completed but the SOV tokens are not in my wallet.

Where did they go?

I understand there is a 10 month vest after claiming with a 1 month cliff. What does that mean?

I get my SOV one portion at a time once a month for 10 months? Where are the tokens now?

I’m so confused. If someone can explain this simply I would appreciate it.

If you go to =>Portfolio tab=>Select Vested Assets=>Select withdraw Reward SOV. You will be able to see your vesting period and monthly rewards unlocks.

Hi Matt; I think you were in the discord and saw my complaints/questions about this vesting model. I get it, it’s how it is, I understand now, all good.

But can you or someone else elaborate on why this decision was made? I still do not understand why Sovyrn would implement this. As a user I don’t like it. I would prefer no vesting period and receive the rewards directly into my wallet as they are earned. Not only do we have to wait 10 months but we also have to pay transaction fees to claim and to withdraw.

These things are not a benefit to me. So who are they benefiting and why were they implemented?

I’m not trolling here or trying to be difficult or just complain…I truly do not understand.

I use the stacks STX ecosystem and when I stake there my rewards go directly to my wallet when I earn them. No vest, no extra transactions and fees.