Yearn, withdraw and lost my SOV

Hi, i had a problem with the withdrawal of rewards in sov:
In the BNBs / RBTC pool, I earned 1.21 SOL.
I wanted to take the rewards, so I made withdrawals, but it is impossible to withdraw only the rewards, So I saw that could withdraw a small share of BNBs, a small share of RBTC and ALL the rewards of SOV (1.21).
I received the small shares of BNBs and RBTC, but no SOL shares.
I have 0 SOV token on metamask and also in the swap section of Sovryn I have 0 SOL balance.
I have looked at the contract and see that it is the SOV token has been worked, and sent to 0xb4E4517CA4EDf591Dcafb702999f04F02E57D978 (I think a smart contract).
You, are you able to withdraw one share in yearn? can you get rewards?

Check the Rewards tab buddy. Yield from providing liquidity is subject to vesting, you will find your Sov there.


I found it, thanks. I also read the wiki, 10% in 10 months.
Sorry, in the app it was not well notified, I only learned it now by reading the wiki!
It would be need an alert while press withdraw button…

its written in the claim window when you claim your reward SOV in the reward Tab


reward SOV when claimed, is locked in a vesting contract for 10 months, with 1/10th unlocking monthly, when you click withdraw youll be able to see your unlocks schedule.

perfect, very precise. I hadn’t seen the rewards section. Thank you.

I don’t see anything unlocked from my previous reward (liquidity) cash out. It was on Aug 4th. It shows it’s in history. But, I don’t see the 1/10 per month that has vested anywhere. I actually thought it all vested for 10 months. Where do I see that or is supposed to just show up in my wallet (Liquality)?

Also, I cashed out Saturday (Oct 23rd) and it seems to just be gone. Doesn’t show up in Liquidity Rewards or in Reward SOV History like my previous.

I’m using the Liquality wallet. It was attached. I’ve refreshed. I’ve waiting almost 48 hours now for it to show up. It’s almost 2000 SOV. So, I’m starting to worry.

very strange … I can suggest to look very well in menu, in rewards and portfolio.

Go to the Portfolio page. Click on ‘Vested Assets’ at the top left. You should see your LP rewards there and be able to see the unlock schedule


Wow. Thank you. I feel stupid. I went to portfolio numerous times. But, didn’t even notice the different tabs. I only looked at assets.

OK, so I see it in vested assets. Here’s my new question. It’s there with a withdraw button. The one from 3 months ago I see under rewards but not in portfolio. I assume I’m supposed to hit the withdraw button?

What about the ones from 3 months ago? It’s broken down in vested history into 20 transactions (2/each of 10 months I guess?). But, they are all that day. I’m guessing those are the smart contracts. Why aren’t these broken down that way? Why are they different?

I’m not sure I follow exactly what you’re asking. If the rewards you’re looking for are from Yield Farming then they should all be under Vested Assets. If you click Withdraw it will show you what is currently available for withdrawal and you should also have the option to view an unlock schedule. I’m on mobile right now and I can’t remember exactly how it’s worded but I believe that’s it. If you’re looking for rewards from staking those should be in the rewards tab and immediately liquid upon withdrawal. As far as the 20 transactions under history I’m not sure I understand. Did you claim your rewards only once? Or multiple times?

(See attached pics)

When I cashed out a few months ago, the reward SOV shows up under rewards. But, this time it shows up under Portfolio. Why isn’t this one in Reward SOV? Why isn’t the first one in Portfolio? Below (Portfolio) there is a history showing the first cash out’s transaction (each vesting period I assume). There is none of that for this one. Why?

Also, where it says withdraw, do I need to hit that still?

I’ve read the wiki. Just not clear on those things. Thank you.

Everything has been moved to the reward tab post sip 30 implementation

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