Reward cash out disappeared

Earlier today I cashed out my rewards from providing liquidity/yield farming. They seem to now be gone/no record. I cashed out a few months ago and those funds show up under rewards/total rewards earned and below as a transaction. But, the ones I cashed out today seem to have just disappeared. I went to rewards/reward Sov and hit claim. I know it says they go into vesting. But, since I can see the ones I cashed out on Aug 4th in two places below I’m starting to worry these are gone somehow. I waited over 8 hours thinking it might just take some time. Any insight?

Since the Rewards page was updated I’m not sure what exactly will show there or not. If you go to Portfolio → Vested Assets do you see anything that might be your “missing” rewards?

BTW I did hear that the rewards contract ran out of SOV and was topped-up recently (today I think) so it’s possible that the transaction you did to claim your rewards failed and you have to try again. Refresh the page and see if the rewards re-appear so you can try to withdraw again, or else see if they appeared in the vesting contract.

I’ve refreshed. No change. The balance went to 0 on both pools I providing liquidity too. Pretty sure I got a notice it was executed. But, nothing new appeared in liquidity rewards. If it failed, it left me with 0 SOV/didn’t put it back in my account.

That’s the page. It shows the rewards from a couple months ago and the rewards from the last 24 hours. But, not the ones cashed out. Available went back to 0/reset and has been slowly growing since.

Ok thanks for sharing that info. I think you’ll be able to get better help by creating a ticket here:

You can link to this thread to save time explaining the issue.

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Hello @Kaizen ; did you create a freshdesk ticket?

In that case, can you share the ticket?

This way is better for us to catch up about the bug you experienced and solve it