XUSD Lending Rewards Bug?

Important technical question: I was lending some xusd in the new incentivized lending pool a few days ago, accruing rewards. Today I added additional xusd, which went fine. But the already accrued rewards disappeared, as the reward calculator reset, and the earlier SOV rewards are not in my Portfolio and not claimable in the Rewards section either.

Did they… disappear? :slight_smile:

I imagine it shows up in the rewards tab, similar to when you remove from yield farming. So you have to go claim them

Unfortunately, they’re not:

Had this to…withdraw one xusd and they will appear. They are there but seems a ux/ui bug to me. I still have a ticket running for this.

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It was a UI bug only, should be resolved now

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Cheers mister Badger.

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I lent xUSD and experienced the bug today.