Withdrawal of reward sov not possible

dear community, i havent been checking my sovryn/rBTC pool for quite a while. I am wondering why i cant withdraw any reward sov ? it says “sorry.claiming rewards is under current maintenance…:”

i have already emptied out my cache and restarted the browser both ways dont help out.

i use brave browser and mozille it doesn’t work on both browsers, my wallet is metamask.

What is this about, any suggestions on that?

kind regards

Hi Philipp

Smart Contracts are paused at the moment, we are conducting an internal audit of all contracts.

We will be back online ASAP :slight_smile:
if you have any doubts feel free to post in our Discord or telegram Channel.

Stay Sovryn!

So how long do i need to wait to withdraw my funds ?

The team announced on Discord that the Maintenance mode was lifted on the 16th. Hope you can interact normally again. Link to the announcement on Discord

Hi Team,

I would like to reopen the topic and ask about the current situation with claiming rewards. I have exactlly the same problem as Philipp had (above) while I read that maintenance should not be on anymore.

Yet I still get the message that rewards claiming is under maintenance … could you give me a hint how to go about this?


I have still the same issue and must say that i am really dissapointed. There is no help coming and i seriously invested a good chunk of funds into that protocoll. so i would be very happy if some admin or custom support what take responsibility of that issue ASAP.

After the first pause and fix, there were another vulnerabilities found in the staking contract so it was paused again. Just follow the announcements. Everything is transparent and clear enough.

If You would also check this thread:
SIP-0049 Staking contract refactoring and other improvements - #5 by Sacro - You would be able to see that we are going to have a vote on applying the changes to the staking contract and that would mean that the pause could be lifted. Then You will be able to claim Your rewards.

@philippobambino86 - take a look too.

P.S. Staking and claiming of the rewards was paused, but the rewards are calculated all the time - so there is nothing lost. Unless someone wanted to add to their stake to have a greater share in the rewards. This will be possible soon.