Withdrawal from the sov/rbtc liquidity pool

dear everybody,
i have withdrawn my deposits from the liquidity pools but i dont understand how the rewardsa are calculated and also are not shown in my wallet.

when i go to the market making tab i can see my liquidity mining events.

Asset rbtc reward 0.625
Asset usdt reward 0.2

Asset sov/rbtc reward 1.05 week one
reward 0.675 week two
reward 0.645 week three

I have withdrawn all assets but only a part of my SOV balance is recognised by the portfolio tab. I have commited 13 sov + earned rewards, where are the rest of the token. What do i miss out?

Ok it seems, that i found out what i was missing. 1/10 per month so i have to wait 10 months for full sov withdrawal is that right?

also i am wondering what are the staking rewards now if i commited more liquidity to the sov/rbtc pool makes that any sense?

new SOV/RBTC loot drop just started: