Question Regarding Withdrawing Liquidity from SOV Pool

I purchased ~5 SOV for ~0.05 RBC and deposited the ~5 SOV + rBTC equivalent in the SOV Pool.

When I go to Withdraw from the SOV Pool, I see:

  • Supplied Balance
  • (WR)BTC/SOV: 0.1819

Does this mean my 5 SOV is now only 0.189 (from impermanent loss) or is it now ~5.5 SOV = (1 / 0.1819)?

After clicking on withdraw, I am prompted my wallet to sign the transaction, which tells me “Send 0 RBTC to 0x…”

Ideally, I would like to understand what will be the results of confirming the withdrawal (how much SOV and how much rBTC will I get back)

I would also like to know more about that variation in quantity of my SOV in the pool.

It’s called impermanent loss, you can read more in our wiki.