Different approach to integrate sov in origins launch platforms

As we know sovryn origins platform is soo going to launch through Babelfish sale. Here are few thoughts on how we can integrate sov

people who stake sov will have an exclusive round in origin launchpad based on their voting power with per wallet limit and general community round
Now comes the real issue where how do we run the sale. Here are some few ways which I found

**First come first serve and lottery model: **

In FCFS who pay the more gas fee and use the bot will take away the whole portion and lottery we need to select random people who are eligible for sale. Example: polkastarter

Guaranteed proportional model:
In this approach, all participants who contribute within the open time period of the pool receive an allocation proportional to their contributed funds as a percentage of total funds contributed. In the case that total funds exceed the max cap of the pool, additional funds will be returned.
Example: raydium

** community VC pool:**
In this approach, there is no need of staking sov but we need to put some x amount of sov per y dollars when you invest(for example: for every 10$ you invest you need to put 0.1 sov or 1$ of sov which can be decided later ) and that collected sov can be burnt or redistributed to sov staker . Here tokens are locked for a certain amount of time or linearly vested because they are sold tokens for low price and protection from the market dump and as the project, you get access to community and sov ecosystem.
On top of that we can add airdrop to all holders who are staking the sov based on voting power

I think a combination(airdrop+exclusive sale +vc pool(whenever a project required )) of all the above makes a good approach for the origins launchpad

This is my take on it. looking for more approaches