Why Is Origins Even Needed?

Sovryn launched Babelfish (FISH) successfully.

Do we really need origins?

What can’t be done directly on the Sovryn platform. Make it stronger, make it attract value from multiple angles?

  1. Technically it’s proven possible
  2. We need to strengthen Sovryn, not dilute it. (Yes, I know staking rewards etc, but it’s not as direct impact as if we see Sovryn being the launchpad, the governance, the motherlode token).

More is not always better. I don’t see the need for Origins token. It can all be done under Sovryn flag.

good question, cc @remedcu :thinking:

I think the answer is partially explained in my post about subprotocols. SOV stakers can focus their attention on governing the core protocols and leave the due diligence on Origins projects to specialist OG holders. As more subprotocols come online, the benefits of this system of specialization will become more apparent.

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Okay, makes sense, but I’d like to see more direct benefit to SOV token.

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