DLLR partnerships

DLLR demand requires day to day user case, which can eventually help for the mission to attract exchanges and other players in the industry. Exodus recent news of adding DLLR to its treasury is great, yet more is needed on a long term plan for the success of this BTC L2 backed USD pegged token.

I have asked my designer to draft this images as a preliminar idea, subject to sugestions so it could be somehow offer for local partners to promote the DLLR and Sovryn brand around.

I strongly believe that services businesses can easily accept and hold DLLR, to an extent, as it represents sales for rendered services. Creating a site with a directory of worldwide businesses accepting DLLR, currently on RSK network and available on the Sovryn Platform + Exodus is an initial approach. This could even be exposed on Social Media platforms as well. I am sure different businesses and service providers worldwide, among the community could be added to this venture, from a web designer in the Phillipines to a Dentist in Canada to a CellPhone store in South Africa, and so … as of at the end of the day, being sovereign is a movement.

Being easily and cheaply exchanged and off-ramp is another matter, that will come along with DLLR continued development.

I would appreciate your comments, suggestions and ideas to possibly extend this project to assist with DLLR user case execution.


Id go with the last one - the others look like commercials for DLLR while the last one looks like a professional sticker I would put on my front door/webshop.
Though maybe play around with the size of the two boxes in that one - make the “Accepted here” a little bit smaller and the DLLR orange box a little baggers it feels smaller cause the white one is on top also the white one has all that nice white space so it will feel bigger…

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That’s pretty cool. Really like the effort. We may be a little early to work this angle but maybe not.

I like all of them about equally. In the last one I don’t like the repetition of DOLLAR and DLLR. Also, I think the tilt on the logo is a must. And stablecoin should be one word.

I think if I had to pick, I’d go with the first one.

These are very cool images. The payments use case is a hard one to crack. It’s a three-sided market (consumer, retailer and payment platform) that is very dependent on achieving a high level of market saturation. So we ned to think about concentrated, niche use cases to go after.

This is a great idea. I’m currently planning my journey back to Argentina and would love to help local businesses move away from using the peso (over 100% inflation per year) into DLLR and create a circular economy.

I think I would need:
1- An easy way to go in and out of DLLR into local currency (if everyone would accept DLLR there would be less need to bridge out). Ideally an exchange, or a p2p marketplace like Paydece with enough liquidity and bids for both buying and selling. (Paydece uses DoC but not DLLR as of yet).
2- An easy way for them to add a method of accepting it. Face to face is easy just use your wallet. For online shops I wouldn’t know how to integrate it.

Further problems:
1- If you pay a merchant with DLLR they can see your entire balance, and you can see theirs… This is not ideal.
2- You’d still need RBTC to pay the fees. This is a tough one, I know IOV labs have been working in a way to enable to pay fee in any token and not just RBTC. But at the moment is not possible, which means you need to sell each person not just on DLLR (as a USD valued currency this is easier to do) but also on RBTC (even if they only hold enough for the fees, is yet another hurdle).

My relocation is aimed for the end of the year (still need to finish with my visa status and other stuff that may cause delays). But, if anyone has any ideas on how I can be more effective in getting a DLLR circular economy going, I am all ears and would appreciate as much help as I can get.

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