[DRAFT] SIP - Proof Systems

Order book front running, spoofing, and wash trading are common malpractices that plague exchanges on a daily basis. I propose that the Sovryn platform use Dragonchain’s proof systems (or similar) in order to provide its users with transparent and auditable trade history.

More info can be found on Beaxy Exchange who recently employed a proof system:
Example of the system at work:

Maybe Sovryn can provide its own proof reports one day - as trust is very important in the wild west of crypto.

Sovryn is an onchain DEX, all trades happen onchain and are transparent and auditable already.

Yes, but correct me if I am wrong - the trade history on the platform isn’t readily visible nor is the data broken up/categorized easily. A user would have to be siphoning through the chain data manually.

This is being worked on and will improve.


Would it make sense to take a poll of community wants and then develop a subgraph based on the most requested data? Have a small team myself that could probably make it happen from there.

@John you mean with the graph?

Btw I just changed the thread title to remove the SIP number – we’re moving to a workflow where SIPs only get numbers once they are submitted as pull requests to the SIPs repo and have been reviewed by SIP editors.


Yeah, if that was easier then spending dev time doing it internally