Liquality Issue after using TokenBridge for USDT-rUSDT

I set out to join the pool weeks ago and used token bridge to convert USDT erc20 (sent from Kucoin to Liquality) to rUSDT. My missing rUSDT is in the ETH account number in Liquality, as rUSDT, not the RSK rUSDT account number in Liquality (hence why I couldn’t see it).

RSK tokenbridge support in Slack said to restore that wallet via MM and enable RSK. Is there a way I can move it within Liquality?

Can I add a custom token that will show the rUSDT in the ETH address? I have rUSDT on and it shows under the RSK network (as it should!), but it has a different address.
The $ in question:
RSK explorer

Thank you.

So this is a bit of a clustf*ck because some wallets will generate the same RSK address as the ETH address and others will generate a different address. The way the RSK token bridge that you used works is that it takes USDT from your ETH address and then sends it to that same address on the RSK network. As you note, Liquality does not generate the same RSK address as the ETH address. So to fix this you need to copy your seed phrase and import it to MetaMask. Add RSK as a custom network in MetaMask (instructions here) then switch to RSK network and add the RUSDT contract address 0xef213441a85df4d7acbdae0cf78004e1e486bb96 as a custom token with 18 decimals (instructions here).

Then you should see the RUSDT show up in your MetaMask and be able to use it from there.

Btw I created an issue in the Token Bridge GitHub repo to ask for a simple solution, which is to allow users to send bridge transactions to a custom recipient address. If you have a GitHub account, throw the issue a :+1: to help it get more visibility.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much. I knew someone in here would be way more savvy than I!

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Hi Dear,

what is the procedure or steps , In fact I have transferred the rUSDT to USDT in Tokenbridge using my Liquality wallet.

But the USDT is Not showing in my Liquality wallet, can you please advice what to do it this case

Not sure, I suggest getting in touch with Liquality customer service and asking them. If you go to their website you can see a little chat button in the bottom-right corner of the screen that you can click to send them a message.