Open Books, transparent Exchequer Committee

Am I the only one who think that the current Exchequer Commitee could be more transparent? The meeting notes have stopped. There is literally no transparency where the funds go. We don´t know how much of the SOV have been cashed in and when. We know nothing. It’s blind trust of our funds to 6(?) random people on the internet some which only have pseudonyms.

I wish that the Exchequer Committee be totally transparent in all their spending. Have open easily accessible accounting. Also we get detailed meeting notes again and a clear selling schedule for their appropriated SOV.

I think this is not to much to ask for an open DAO project that heralds its users to be the key keepers that should DYO.


It was mentioned somewhere that a few committee members left and there replacements needed to be found and some other issues hence some delays in the meeting notes. Some advisor from the Pomp Syndicate was also supposed to join the team but its been months and no updates.

Again this was brought up in the Discord general chat some days ago but perhaps the messages were burried in between all the Mynt sale chat, would be great to gave regular updates.

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