Post moderation MUST NOT exist

It hurts feeling of censorship-free speech.

Mods should be active and FAST on deleting the bad posts (promos, scams, spams, etc)
but not to remove ability for registered members to post and to wait in “let me read first” queue.

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the mod settings are about as permissive as they can be. there was only one restriction that I saw on new users:

Approve posts: Suspicious users have entered a bio/website but have no reading activity.

So I turned that off. Let’s see if that causes any issues. If you run into any other issues posting, feel free to follow up on this thread and we can look into it.

It still exists. I can’t post a post without your censorship/approval. For at least older users, or users with some posts, auto post approval should exist, and later if bad, delete them or punish the user. This feels too much as censorship and that’s not what we are standing for.

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