Re-thinking how it should feel like while using Sovryn (Streamlining the UI)

I notcied that Sovryn’s UI is based on Contracts not features. For example, we have swap, sovryn proxy and bridge contracts etc.

Margin trading is conducted on separate contract along with lending contract not on swap contract. So we have margin trading on separate page and lending on separate page, which is awesome and that’s how it should be, lending contracts complimenting the feature of margin trading even though the lending contract have other duties and margin trading is not it’s only concern.

But the problem arises when the smart contracts doesn’t compliment the features, I assume that the contracts used for trading and swaps are also separate. And since we are not focused on Feature instead of contracts we ended up with two thing which does the same thing for the user, that’s why we ended up with two features, Swap and Trade.

For example, we have bridge contract as separate page. We could integrate that with my portfolio page and when people deposit or withdraw their could be a window allowing them to choose the chain which they are sending or receiving the asset and choose the amount and gas etc, and finally when we click withdraw, a prompt from the wallet asking to confirm the transaction.

I am not telling that the whole UI is Contract based but just the recent improvements and yes, the the ol’ boy trade and swap too.

If we just separate the association that the UI should reflect the smart contracts(as if this smart contract is this page and that smart contract is that page, or something of this essence), then we will have a better and flexible UI that is logically consistent.

So we should associate UI should reflect features and the order of these features must be logically consistent, smart contracts are there to make sure features are working properly.

I understand why this might have happened, when the UI is reflecting contracts then it is easy and manageable to run the whole thing but, at the cost of user-friendly, logically consistent and rich features.

Do you agree the UI should be streamlined to be more user-friendly, logically consistent and features rich?

  • Yes.
  • No.

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I agree with your general idea. The purpose of the vote is not exactly clearly explained though :wink:

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I think i posted this at the wrong place, but the main goal of this post is to make improvements on the UI to be more user-friendly.

Like this,

Now it’s in the right place.

Background info: I first posted this topic on Bitocracy, now it’s in Adoption Hive.

My 0.006 rBTC worth of thoughts below.

I agree with the view to streamline the UI/UX for the Sovryn dApp. Recently, some projects are engaging external professionals who are well known and has a good track record in UI/UX to help in the design of their dApps.

One good example is engaging the help of IDEO ( and partner them to help out in the UI/UX.

Check out those projects above, I believe the Sovryn core team can assess and see whether IDEO can value-add in this aspect.

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How about

It’s a huge community of UX/UI designers dedicated to Bitcoin.

They do a lot of project, completely for free. I think they might want to engage in improving Sovryn.