We need better Mobile UI

Hello all,

As a humble Bitcoiner and believer in Sovryn’s core mission, I write this…

It has come to many user’s attention, including myself, that we do not have a very friendly mobile UI. Pages are not fully available, slow and laggy UI, poor trading UI, etc. This needs to change!!!

While the desktop version seems to be the main focus of the developer team, they have neglected a HUGE, if not KEY part of our user base and reach.

All of us being in crypto should know how important accessibility is to us.

Whether that’s trading on the go, topping up collateral while you’re out and about to avoid liquidation, or even to just have easy and full access to a protocol. Many of us use mobile devices and even MORE of us while we’re on the go!

I have taken polls from our community to ask them how important mobile is for the adoption of a product and the results were an astonishing +90%!!!

Mobile allows for easier access, more users, and a better user experience.

How can we CHANGE?!
I don’t believe we even necessarily need an app… (We could collab with various wallets on this)
I believe that the overall mobile version of the website dapp needs to be mobile compatible.
If anyone has any thoughts on this and how we could improve this, please share!

Your fellow Sovryn,

Travis Trades :smiley:


Can’t agree more with you.
we live in a digital world, mobile compatible should become one of the top priorities.
a true sovrynaut should always be able to do what he wants to do, whenever he want to do it.

personally i’m avoiding mobile usage off dapp because its horrible to work with


I use mobile more because I don’t have access to desktop most of the time. Plus, how many users get a notification on their phone while they’re out that bitcoin is dumping and they want to buy the dip or even degen long the dip? Way better trading experience than rushing home!


First, a proper mobile compatible site must be done from scratch, without plug ins that compromise security.

Second, an app would be cool and much better. Not comparing but Dydx recently released a strong app for their platform.

How can this be rushed? Can’t we discuss this for a few weeks and just push a SIP to vote on it accomodating some treasury funds to add this in the timeline for release an app by January? I’m sure the community would approve this if no controlling early funders vote against, of course.

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I’m not a dev so forgive my ignorance, but wouldn’t it be easier to keep everything from the desktop version and make it compatible with the mobile ui format? Would this save hours compared to making an app or a total remake?

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I meant, not the entire website from scratch, just the mobile optimization to be properly done by plain development, and not the easy insecure route of using plug ins.
Second, in the future to plan for an app as well.
I am not a developer either, but I have done the above in my businesses, which is a no brainer … I don’t understand how Sovryn can’t properly manage such things in their budged and workflow. …same with marketing.

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The simple fact is: If products like zero are to reach the most important targets for bitcoin adoption, the young, citizens of emerging markets and the unbanked, mobile is the only way.
NOT having mobile excludes 80-90% of those groups right from the start.
Even in the US, mobile is dominant. Example: I limit myself to an extremely conservative level of leverage in zero not only out of an abundance of caution, but also because I do not lug a laptop around everywhere I go and I therefore fear to get liquidated because I might not be able to access a laptop in time.
Other DeFi lending protocols like those on the Algorand blockchain were mobile-centric from day one (right now only centralized wrapped bitcoin, but trustless bridges are on the way).
The reason I mentioned Algorand is that their top DeFi app Algofi offers a stellar mobile interface, I think the most polished in all of crypto.

Without mobile, we exclude 80% of potential users right away (those who need BTC most)
and are at risk to become irrelevant when other chains like Algorand offer more and more BTC DeFi products with a polished mobile experience those new to crypto absolutely expect nowadays.

Mobile or Irrelevancy, it really is that simple !


It should not be that hard, really. In the Metamask browser everything works already except staking…the reason staking does not work is a page layout issue, Metamask Browser does not allow landscape mode, so some places on the page are unreachable. The rest all works, except for some minor visual glitches, like partially overlapping text. With the exception of increasing or prolonging stake I can pretty much get everything done in Metamask.
Since it is only layout issues, I feel that any web designer with mobile experience should be able to fix that pretty easily.
The other issue issue is that metamask browser is painfully slow over cellular connections unless you have 5g, since it apparently does not use cache for security reasons.
The other mobile wallets are essentially all unuseable due to problems with walletconnect, which is extremely buggy and an issue for any app that uses it.
Therefore, the slow metamask browser issue could only be fixed through a proprietary sovryn app, which is a much larger project.
I therefore agree, fix the limited amount of issues with the website layout to make it more mobile useable should be first priority in my opinion.

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The mobile site does not necessarily need to make any security compromises at all. It just needs a slightly better layout so that it works in metamask browser. All the other mobile rsk wallets are pretty much junk imo , anyway. Metamask browser is designed for security, with the drawback that it is slow for that very reason.


I agree👍🏼

Even if there’s only one person out there who only has access to a mobile device, then we just expanded our audience and sovryn’s use case THAT much more.

But this is not one person, their are millions who only use mobile devices.

I have access to both and mainly use mobile because it’s more easily accessible and convenient.

I believe that if mobile is optimized…

  1. We would have more users = more revenue.
  2. More users likely to trade and borrow = more revenue
  3. Sovryn would look more professional when people come looking at our project through mobile devices = more investors

I’ve placed thousands of trades across Bybit, phemex, even Coinbase Pro on mobile… but have only placed a couple trades on Sovryn mobile due to the lack of of mobility and usability.


do you guys know that there is a Sovryn App in the works?

patience is all we need now

I heard rumors months ago, and a community member made something but I haven’t heard any updates on this as of right now. In the meantime (if this is actually in the works) the mobile version of the dapp on browser should still be optimized👍🏼

A community member made a non official sovryn app, which was welcomed by the team. This is different than an official app as it is not nor has it been added to the project public timeline.

Mobile is super important. I hope a community leader chimes in and helps further this idea.

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Me too👍🏼 Maybe we can bring this up at the next community call!

THAT is the key argument for me - who personally doesn’t use mobile for any crypto dealings. BUT the billions of people in mobile-first / mobile-only countries like India and vast parts of Africa surely won’t even know we exist unless we are on mobile!

Moreover, I have been thinking about adoption for Zero, and my hunch is that it might be women in emerging and developing countries that will want to have their own Bitcoin, and use it as collateral for daily spending via ZUSD. In many countries, women don’t have control over their own money, and those are the ones who will benefit the most.

And in countries where women DO control the monthly family budget e.g. Japan Zero becomes an even stronger control mechanism, as they might dish out ZUSD to their husbands based on the 'distance to liquidation of the BTC collateral…

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Hi @Travis_trades,

I was playing with an idea for a more intuitive UX for Zero and put together a clickthrough:

I’d like you to treat it as a community member idea for the Zero interface rather than anything Sovryn promises to deliver. We are aware of the sub-optimal UX and the next version will be much better.

Feedback appreciated.


Thanks for sharing, I’m a fan of the circular bar chart - it brings the feature to life and is a lot friendlier to the eyes especially on mobile. A lot of people quite simply are visual thinkers and learners too.

What would each shade of colour and the markers represent - bright yellow, faded yellow and faded / dark green? Do the example figures which pop up in the wireframe actually speak to them, or is the data not calculated / sample data?

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100% this needs to happen asap

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Thankfully Sacro and the CoT is doing everything they can to help, but dev work on mobile UI is a MUST!


If you’re doing research on a product and you get to the dapp, you see that’s it’s glitchy, doesn’t show full pages, slow upload speeds for graphs, etc.

Then most will not only lose interest, but have a bad first impression of sovryn, which can be very damaging. First impressions bring excitement, funding/investors, and users.

Improved UI would also help retention and increase user base.

All of these things mentioned would dramatically help sovryn’s funding, and protocol revenue would increase, making stakers happy as well.

This would be a very big deal for Sovryn.