Sovryn design mock

Im a big supporter of Sovryn and I want to see this network grow!

Desktop Design

I spent time on the side mocking a Sovryn app design, it is inspired from Robinhood as they had spent the time, money and research to bring in customers from all verticals.

The goal at first is to simplify it down so essentially “normies” can use it - regardless of your target audience.

If you know how to use Figma on a desktop, here is link for the flow:
Figma Flow

Would be great to hear feedback.


Cool design idea! It’s true that Sovryn’s UX needs slight upgrades & improvements and think your suggestions are very valuable for the main UI/UX developers.
So far, all of us early Sovryn.App users have to be “forgiving” every time we use the platform. I am always telling myself that we can be glad that the core features work well. The improvements come later.
That “later” would be now though :wink:

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Liking the familiar, clear and uncluttered look. No unnecessary distractions. Nice job.

I think a good mobile app is even more pertinent, having said that :slight_smile:

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