Rewards Claiming fees WAY higher now?

I’ve noticed since the update to the rewards page went through, that rewards claiming fees have got way higher. I just had a claiming of LP rewards cost $25 +$13 and it used to cost way less, I want to say like $12 total. Does anyone know what is up with this? Is this the same for everyone or am I experiencing a bug that needs fixing?

A couple others on the reddit page also worded their experience better:


Same for me. Last time I paid 0.000206817882 RBTC, $12.4 USD at $60,000 BTC, to claim the rewards. Before the update I paid 0.000081341810, $4.88 USD at 60,000 BTC, to claim last reward.

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What is your Suggested gas fee? This affects fee. Can someone from Sov Team tell us how much is suggested gas fee?

I think it has to do with the fact that the rewards are pulled from the Protocol’s various liquidity pools, so the smart contract interaction is probably complex, with 5-10 transactions being done.