Keeps rejecting transactions, when trying to withdraw Reward SOV

Hello there,
I am not sure where to post my question, but no support section is provided so decided to ask here. I keep getting rejections when trying to withdraw my unlocked Reward SOV for AMMs. Cannot change the amount, which is given, and use recommended Gas price from the MM wallet. In the explorer I see transactions went through with much lower gas price, so I don’t know if the gas is low or there is a problem with withdrawing the rewards. The GAS fee is 1 500 000. Here is a failed transaction from the explorer:

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

Hello! There is a button in the lower-right corner of the app where you can contact support. It will take you here:

The gas price is not the issue. Standard gas price on RSK is 0.06 gwei and almost never changes (that might not always be true if the blockchain gets more use, but this is how it is for now). And in any case, the gas price does not affect whether a transaction succeeds or fails, only whether the miners will actually bother trying to put it into a block in the first place.

It looks like your transaction is running out of gas. You can tell based on the block explorer because it says 1,500,000 gas was allocated and 1,500,000 gas was used. The odds of the tx using exactly as much gas as is allocated and succeeding is very low (usually this only happens for plain RBTC transactions from one EOA to another, for which the gas price is known and fixed at 21,000). So if you ever see this on your tx, and the tx failed, the reason is likely out of gas error and you need to increase your gas limit.

I recommend increasing the gas limit to 3,000,000 and see if that helps. If you set your gas limit higher than the gas limit actually needed, the excess paid will be returned to you, so you don’t have to worry about overpaying too much.

Try to limit how many times you attempt a transaction. Remember that each time you do a transaction, you pay the gas cost, whether the transaction fails or succeeds. So ideally, you set the right gas limit the first or second try so you don’t keep wasting gas attempting failing transactions.

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I’ve run into the same issue and have attempted multiple times over the past several months. Adjusted my gas limit to 4,000,000 and still getting failures. Is there something else I’m missing?