Sending sovryn to MetaMask

So I sent sovryn to metamask from ascendex. Checked contract on cmc and it was erc20. But after I noticed it’s rsk. Am I screwed ?

Of course you’re not screwed. the SOV token is native to RSK, so by sending it from Ascendex to Sovryn your SOV in fact evolved from ERC20 to RSK! It now has upgraded powers: you can stake it, pool it, vote with it, and more. Congratulations!

I have the rsk mainnet set up on MetaMask but still can’t find it anywhere. I also read that I shouldn’t use mobile. And unfortunately I did. Any advice how to trouble shoot ?

Make sure you add the SOV token addresses to both RSK and ETH mainnet in Metamask. If you successfully sent your SOV from ascendex, it should show in Metamask then.

Set up RSK mainnet in MetaMask, switch to RSK network and add this token 0xefc78fc7d48b64958315949279ba181c2114abbd. You should see your SOV balance in your address.