Urgent!Metamask recovery phrase exposed

dear community,
yes, i am stupid i know. i shared my metamask recovery phrase and got scammed. i lost all my eth funds, miraculously my rsk funds are still there.

what should i do to save my rsk funds? can i change my recovery phrase in metamask? i am fucked please help me…

kind regards

why not create a new wallet and transfer funds? then forget about the compromised wallet.

Yes, problem is i am staking and need to wait for the rewards 10 months

transfer everything you have to an other wallet
and keep transferring on a weekly, bi-weekly, montly base all funds that become availlable after vesting

if you stake, unstake it and sent to that other wallet too

i would not risk it to wait and avoid slashing fees.
if the scammer find your funds, he will unstake it for you and you will loose all those funds as well

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Yes you are right, i am on that task. however is it possible to send rbtc from my metamask wallet to another wallet that supports rsk network ?

yes, thats no problem.

you can even keep using metamask, but you do have to create a complete new wallet + seedphrase and sent it all to the new wallet

sorry for your lost bro. it really sucks

Oh yes it does, i lost about 2k worth of funds it is sooooo sad.

however i shall have learned something out of that for sure. by the way i am struggeling to withdraw some assets.


I dont see those token in my metamask, still they are shown in my sovryn portfolio. To withdraw these funds i need the RSK Token Adresses for those Token right?

Anybody able to hand this over to me ?

kind regards

You will need to add the smart contract addresses to your wallet in order for BNB, MYNT, and FISH to appear in th wallet. Once they appear you can send it to your new uncompromised wallet.

Go here to get the smart contract addresses - Using the Sovryn Cross-Chain Bridge | Sovryn Wiki

Good luck

Oh dear, that is so dreadful, but take courage.
Yes, you need to create a new seed phrase and new wallets.
Unfortunately there is no way of getting the lost funds back unless your scammer, sorry, your thief has a sudden conversion experience and decides to return them to you.
In the meantime, transfer all the rsk funds over to a new wallet. Vesting tokens cannot be removed until the smart contract allows - but this applies to both you and the thief. Keep an eye on the unlocking dates and transfer each bit as soon as they become liquid.
You can unstake SOV before the maturity date, but there will be a slashing penalty to pay. I suggest you just grit your teeth and do it, and put it all down to experience.

Good luck

Hi everybody,
i managed to evacuate all my funds to a new wallet. i used metamask again and now i experience another problem.

when going on to the sovryn dapp and i try to engage my wallet in the browser ( i use brave ) the wallet is not engaged. in firefox it is working, so what is the deal here.

i have to say one time i was able to engage my wallet but after closing brave and opening again i cannot engage the wallet. any ideas on how to fix that?

Have you tried pressing control+shift+r (or command+shift+r on Mac) on the sovryn dapp. Clearing your browser cache, Quiting your browser and reopening?

Maybe also try disconnect other wallets from your browser extension.

I had the same issue with brave browser recently. Brave now has it’s own wallet that is activated by default and supresses metamask. You must shut down the brave wallet extension so that metamask can work again.