Lost everything with Metamask

Thank you for the opportunity to join.
I guess my story is a tad sad but none the less I still keep hoping.
I also feel like a fool as I had already lost $500AUD when on one forum a tech suggested if I added more fiat I could reset the metamask in some way??? I paid a heap of fees gas as well upfront - then added another $500AUD thinking it would all resolve. Was not to be. Recently retired no super its tough. The Sov was meant to be part of my investments for the future.
However recently once again, I saw hope in a file I found that shows quite a bit about the transactions in a log style type file.
I would love to be able to share these with you in hopes to find a new direction.
I so much wanted the Sov. I like the concept of it all.
I am so disappointed with the whole thing- now afraid to buy more
I will send some snips.
Just a few for a start so maybe can get help to decipher it all. thanks
kind regards deb