Can a gentle soul please help me (Metamask compromised)

Dear friends,

Yesterday after a few years in the crypto space, I’ve got scammed for the first time and my meta mask wallet got compromised. I lost about 2 ETH and it still hurts.

I am writing you because linked to that metamask wallet, I also had about 50 SOV in staking.
I am not sure whether the scammers noticed yet.

I would like you to please give me some suggestions, I know you are a great community but I already tried contacting Sovryn support about this, but they closed my ticket without even providing a reason.

My questions are:

  1. Given that my SOV are locked into staking, they should still be there right?
    I haven’t checked myself because I’m scared that if I log onto Sovryn with my compromised account, the scammers will notice and will take everything…

  2. If they still are there, what should I do?
    My staking expires some time next year, will it be possible for me to log into my compromised account as soon as the staking is over, and send the SOV to my new (uncompromised) account?

Thank you in advance for your help guys.
I really believe in this project, I already lost 2 ETH and I wouldn’t want to lose all my SOV too.

By being compromised I believe you mean the scammer has your wallet’s seed, right? If so the might sooner or later find out you have funds on RSK network and take that too. Personally I would open a new wallet and will get my SOV unstaked (you will lose some SOV because of early unstaking) and transfer it to my new wallet. Just a suggestion based on the information you have provided.
BTW you should never ever share you wallet seed even with Satoshi Nakamoto himself.

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Hi karabela,

thank you very much for your reply!

I checked my compromised account and luckily all my SOV are still there in staking.

I tried unstaking them plenty of times (both last night Europe time and this morning), but I always get an error when trying unstaking them. I tried countless times, I’m sure I have enough RBTC for gas.

Every single time I try, they take my gas but the SOV remain staked, I’ve already lost like 15$ in gas.

I need to unstake my SOV with urgency, it’s a time race versus the scammers… Who should I write to ask for help with my technical issue?

When you are in Sovryn dApp, look at bottom right corner. you will see a Help Desk button, press that and it will take you to support page
Screen Shot 2021-11-01 at 10.04.29 am

at support page open a New Support Ticket explaining your problem

hope this helps.

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Hi Karabela,

Thank you very much, I tried doing that but still got no answer, I guess they are busy.

Anyway I appreciate your help, through all of this mad journey you are one of the few people who tried giving me some support. If I ever get my Sovryn back, you can reach out to me privately and I’ll happily delegate all my voting power to you.

All the best,

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