Sent coins to wrong address,, can you help ...please?

I stupidly sent my sov tokens from ascendex to metamask but i put in the wrong address… the address i sent to was your link on coinmarketcap
0xbdab72602e9ad40fc6a6852caf43258113b8f7a5 . Im not sure if this is an address of the project… I have the transaction id but cant seem to locate it. Anything you can do to help me would be much appreciated.
regards Darrell

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I would vote on a sip to get you your funds back! Hopefully there is resolution. Sovryn is a great group of people.

Try the Telegram. Should be faster

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I believe no one can help you with this. You probably sent your tokens to Sov contract address which no one cant access to.

thanks carl appreciate that