Best Way to View LP Stats

Hi All,

New to the interface and am enjoying the LP loot drops!

How does everyone prefer to keep track of their gains in LP?

I have been tracking my stats on a spreadsheet, with daily balances and usd values for each asset, plus rewards and calculated apy.

Is there anywhere I can find stats generated by Sovryn? I did notice someone showing LP stats in another thread, but could not find any access in the UI.

Thanks in advance :smiley:

The PL element was calculating incorrectly so they removed it. I also use a spreadsheet and use the current BTC and SOV prices for inputs (along with BNB if participating in that pool) and have original deposit values so I can see β€œreal” IL changes at any point. I understand they are working to bring this feature back in but since we all know how to do it by hand - I believe they have had other priorities.

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