Four grades of oSov involvement

The oSov initiative is going really well. It has been minted out, there are now many holders of the token, people are buying and selling the token and talking about it on social media. If you have missed what this is, see the introduction post.

There needs to be some level of coordination between the inner circles of Sovryn and those interested in oSov. To help have a better discussion on this, I present four possible grades of oSov involvement.

Grade I: opposition

  • Talk of oSov in the official Sovryn channels is banned. Moderators and core team deny that oSov has anything to do with Sovryn itself, seeing it as an outside thing. From the inside, people push for dissociation.

  • My view on this: there is a good chance that this would kill the oSov initiative. This is a missed opportunity and not in line with Sovryn striving to be an open ecosystem in which people can build and take initiative. I would not create drama on my part, I love Sovryn too much and hate drama, and I don’t see oSov as ‘my’ thin anyway, so all fine. Still, I think this would harm Sovryn’s openness.

Grade II: tolerated, but not supported or acknowledged

  • Talk of oSov in the official Sovryn channels is allowed but the core team of Sovryn doesn’t talk of oSov as something that is part of the Sovryn ecosystem in its communication. Communication stresses ‘official tickers’ and stresses that the only official tickers would be SOV, eSOV and DLLR; oSov is not called an ‘official ticker’ of Sovryn.

  • My view on this: this is eventually unstable and unclear to people. It raises awkward questions of why oSov cannot be acknowledged; after all, oSov has the most direct tie with bitcoin of all Sovryn tickers, is part of an interesting bitcoin-based development, and it’s as decentralized as a token can get.

Grade III: acknowledged as part of Sovryn, not used.

  • Communication to the outside world acknowledges the existence of oSov as one of the four tickers associated with Sovryn, originating from a community initiative. Sovryn takes control of communication about oSov. It explains how it is a community initiative, what it is and isn’t, help avoid confusion, and welcome any oSov holders to the Sovryn community. Sovryn doesn’t do anything with oSov other than acknowledging it and perhaps occasionally communicating about it.

  • My view: this is a stable option and beneficial to Sovryn. Comes at virtually no cost other than a few tweets and Discord messages. It gives Sovryn control over the communication about oSov, and creates a smooth way for oSov people to find their way to Sovryn. It avoids awkward question about what is wrong with oSov, and shows that anyone can take initiative and create something for Sovryn.

Grade IV: acknowledged as part of Sovryn, and used to its advantage.

  • Sovryn uses oSov for marketing purposes, and keeps the door open to giving it special utility within the Sovryn ecosystem.

  • My view: I think there are major opportunities here. For example, oSov can be used for large scale ‘Give Aways’ for people who tweet/comment on Sovryn and join Sovryn channels. The idea would be that “anyone should try out and explore new developments on bitcoin, so here is our brc20 for you to play with”. It would support Sovryn and support BRC20s. Using SOV as rewards for this creates inflation and doesn’t fit naturally with its status as a share in the protocol and governance. A community token is perfectly fitted for this. It’s cheap marketing (500,000 oSov is $40 at the time of writing, this can be split in 500 give aways of a 100.000 oSov, at the cost of bitcoin transactions). Some people who receive oSov for free will dump it immediately, but this doesn’t affect the SOV price in anyway.

People have been complaining about marketing and oSov could be a perfect tool for this. It comes at little cost and gives Sovryn immediately a visible connection with BRC20s. I think this is by far the best way to go.

If Sovryn decides to build things that give utility for BRC20s, oSov could be given priority or a special status in this. But that is for those who build these things to decide.

It’s important for everyone not to misrepresent oSov’s place in the community. This requires some clarity on its place in the community.

So, what say you Sovryn Forum, how deeply should Sovryn be involved with oSov?

Will this be turned into the community building machine that it could be?


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Count me in on opposition.
I admire your tenacity and it is a shame that it is used for such a “project”.
Building on Sovryn, taking initiative is all fine by me.
If you had the best of intentions you would not have named your token oSOV.
Call it whatever you want but not oSOV.
You create confusion on purpose and you know it.
You want to profit on the name of Sovryn otherwise you would have chosen a different one.
All your wordy explanations sound shady at best.
You are craving for acknowledgement by the core team.
You want to add your token to the Sovryn ecosystem and even the reward system.
I am speechless about that and I have read Yago’s thread about values and the Children of Sovryn.
But I think sometimes you have to say what’s what and I respectfully want you to
“Piss off”. It is nothing personal and and maybe I even know you from earlier on.
Just a Sovryn opinion.


Some explanation on the ticker. When the ticker was created, there was a kind of ‘ticker frenzy’ on BRC20s (fees exploded partly because of this). There were already four unusable tickers for Stacks. I thought Sovryn should have a BRC20, so I went: ‘ordinal Sovryn’ = ‘oSov’ (I actually didn’t call it ‘oSOV’), and clicked the button. Didn’t give it much thought. Yes, the ticker was intentionally picked to have its link with Sovryn written on its sleeve, but not to intentionally create confusion. I think ‘eSOV’ sometimes creates some confusion. Happens when there multiple tickers associated with one project. It’s fine. Can’t have a public discussion about tickers either, because you need only one sour person in the community to ruin the ticker, it costs $1 and 2 minutes.

There is a bit of a naysaying attitude in our community. I was surprised to see the same with regards to Sovryn Financial. I think Sovryn Financial is a great initiative. Don’t get anywhere in life by naysaying. And of course people will only build if there may be a chance they might profit from it, so what?

In any case, thank you for sharing your opinion @AllRoadsLeadToSovryn; indeed, it doesn’t matter who I am. I hope others will join the conversation and share their opinion. I’m fine with people sharing opinions in whatever way they want to, you can tell me to piss off, all good :heart_hands:

I appreciate your efforts for doing something to bring value to Sovryn, I think you are sincere in this (though I could be wrong).
My thoughts in this matter are:

1-We shouldn’t communicate about oSov in the citadel TG channel or the Discord server because it adds confusion. The tickers are too similar and Sovryn is already complicated enough to explain to newcomers as it is.
I would recommend you create a dedicated channel to it, and see if you can grow it. This is what FameGuild is doing, even though they are a project born from the community designed to bring Sovryn value, they are not asking to be joined in the Citadel group or the sovryn official channels.

2- The same way you didn’t ask “the team” for permission to create this token, don’t ask them to use it as a way to reward people. You can already do this yourself, and it could be a way for you to grow the oSov channel and community. If you become a larger part of the community I think this would be a different conversation but for the moment, I’m only seeing your posts about oSov and no one elses.

So by all means continue what you are doing if you think this is good for Sovryn. But for the time being I am in favor of keeping them separate, specially from the channels that are mostly to onboard new people and help with issues. I am fine with discussing this stuff in the Forums as long as it’s aimed at how can this add value to Sovryn.

I hope more people start community driven initiatives to bring value, and I also hope that no one expects their project to be joined into the official channels out of the gate, we should wait until said project proves itself before having this conversation.

Just my 2 cents here.


Thank you Tomas for adding some common sense and rational thoughts to that dogged monologues.
I am glad you are a part of the team.
Your balanced views in this post and the following are most welcome.

Let’s see if there is more behind this “oSOV” than just grandstanding and self promotion.

This defeats the purpose of oSov. You want it to prove itself first by adding value to Sovryn, but the main way in which it could bring value to Sovryn, is precisely by bringing people to Discord and the Citadel. That is how community tokens add value, by onboarding people. If people find their way to the official channels via oSov, they are going to ask about it in those official channels. If then their messages are deleted, and they are told “we don’t talk about oSov here”, then that doesn’t work. When I saw this happening, I stopped immediately and since then, oSov stopped being value to Sovryn as well.

Asking a community token to add value to the Sovryn community but without making people join the official channels of the community is simply asking the impossible.

It is the infinite audacity to make such an announcement and present it as fact.

You claim to “do good” for Sovryn yet you don’t miss any opportunity to show that “oSOV” is in many ways EVEN better than SOV. You shill your shitcoin by pooping on the original one and compete with it.

Where? Your channel has 97 followers. Good. But far from impressive. Your medium post has “6 claps” from one person. It’s a start. Calling it “prove” and “merit” is a bit delusional.

oSOV is held by 85 wallets maybe even far less individuals. SOV has almos 5.000 stakers growing organically over time.

why don’t you surprise everybody and grow your following to thousands of people on your channels if people are so fond of your BRC20 shitcoin - without spamming Sovryn’s official channel.

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