$oSov: community discussion and updates

Update: I wrote an introduction to oSov.

$oSov is a BRC-20 token, an initiative coming from members of the Sovryn community.

Its original conception is that of a community token, for those who like to think, write, tweet, comment, design, build, or meme in support of:

  • all forms of building on Bitcoin, including bitcoin layer 2s and rollups, RSK, ordinals, and BRC20s;
  • Sovryn’s current tools for sound finance on bitcoin, such as Zero, and Sovryn’s inspiring community;
  • alternatives to the Bitcoin Maxi culture;
  • the fine balance between individual sovereignty and community alignment.

More on $oSov and the idea of a community token:

(1) $oSov is a socially governed token.

Anyone can take charge of $oSov’s narrative. No one needs to ask premission, not of a core team, not of stakers, not of deployers, not of holders. There are no devs. It is radically decentralized. There is no one to trust. No one is responsible. $oSov has no intrinsic in-build value or meaning, but it could have immense extrinsic value, depending on narrative and community emergence. I plan to contribute to creating value for it myself, via social media, but anyone can do so, I denounce any kind of special influence on the basis of being the first contributor.

Anyone’s post or tweet involving $oSov should be understood as narrative proposals. You upvote narrative proposals by liking, sharing, retweeting, copying, or buying and minting $oSov. You downvote posts and tweets (a.k.a. narrative proposals) by ignoring it, by trolling it, by dumping your $oSov. You can add, redirect, or try to corrupt its narrative. This very post is an example of such a narrative proposal.

The market of ideas, memes, and visions is a radically free market, signaled only by follower counts, likes, buzz, and market demand for $oSov. This should speak to creative sovereign individuals, in search of those powerful ideas, visions and memes around which people can align, and that are ahead of its time, like Bitcoin itself. It lays a challenge in your lap: what do you think the community of bitcoin builders should look like? $oSov is a blank canvas, for you to steer and contribute to.

(2) $oSov is social media tag for finding each other. Write your posts on bitcoin, sovereignty, ordinals, brc20s, and sign with $oSov. It is currently hard to find content around these themes. Let ‘$oSov’ function as a community tag, and let this be its first minimal kind of social utility. The easiest way to support $oSov is by just starting to use this tag. (Note: ‘Bitcoin’ is too broad for this; ‘$SOV’ has been polluted by the Shib Original Vision, it no longer works as a way of finding each other).

(3) $oSov is a vehicle for pure speculation on the potential for community growth and allegiance around the ideas of bitcoin building, Sovryn’s vision, bitcoin’s use as a final settlement layer, layer 2s. There are no tokenomics, no revenue, no financial attributes, or roadmaps that create financial expectations (that can disappoint or satisfy). Expect nothing beyond what you try to make happen for $oSov yourself, if you do nothing with $oSov, then expect nothing.

Do you love the ideas and visions of Sovryn, but, for whatever reason, you are not interested in rational investment, sound finance, or governance? $oSov offers a way of binding together a wider and more diverse community, including radical degens. It is a token for pure speculation, on the potential of the growth of the kind of community that emerges, on its potential for going viral. Intrinsically it is worth nothing; extrinsically, I believe it could overtake Doge in terms of the popularity of its ideas, images and visions. Jokes get old. There is no more powerful meme than sovereignty, nothing more inspiring and important than a future built on bitcoin. Let us make these ideas go viral!

Original post:

Something has been brewing in some corners of the Sovryn community. Let me open up the discussion on $oSov.

What the hell is $oSov?
It’s a BRC-20, a token based on a bitcoin inscription. BRC-20 is an experimental token standard that enables the creation and transfer of fungible tokens on the Bitcoin blockchain. If you don’t know what these are, or how to use them, you can read about them here.

OK, What is the idea behind $oSov?
#oSov is a memecoin or community coin. We let #oSov be for the expression of our pro-bitcoin views, fun and an endorsement of the many wonderful things that can take root in Bitcoin, including BRC20s. To be sure: $oSov has no intrinsic value, and is no part of the sound finance that Sovryn or Bitcoin enables. But our lives do not only revolve around finance.

Wait a minute, are you here to sell your shitcoin to us?
No I’m not. There is no sense in which this is ‘my’ token, I just came up with a ticker, that’s all. It’s not anyone’s, at least, as long as it is not minted out. Ideally, I want community members to be founders, not buyers. A few of you have already minted. Almost 10% is minted now (there are about a 100 transactions). If you mint this coin, you are not paying me, you are just doing a bitcoin transaction, paying bitcoin miners. You can mint for the cost of a bitcoin transaction (sitting around $3 at the time of writing). It is probably best if you spend no more than one or two beers or so, so that you don’t expect anything. There is no pre-mine that you need to buy, no core team; if you mint, you create some of this thing yourself by writing a bit of text into bitcoin’s ledger. You are now a co-creator.

It’s a few days old. How is it going so far?
It has gathered some interest, on twitter, telegram and discord. People who joined our channels (on telegram and on discord) since Saturday are coming largely from seeing oSov and being directed to Sovryn. On twitter, an oSov account has been approached by influencers (accounts with followers between 50k and 150k) who are interested in doing marketing. I sent them initially to Ingalandia, so that Sovryn can decide whether to make use of them. I hope you see that all this is good for Sovryn, and seems somewhat promising.

Are you doing this in good faith, or just abusing Sovryn’s brand?
This is in good faith, and you can act in good faith if you join. There is something powerful to memes. They don’t pretend to be anything. They don’t pretend to have intrinsic value. But they can be amazing community-building machines. They are jokes, ideas, artwork, trolls, they are the sort of things around which people can very easily gather. If a few of us get behind this, oSov could grow fast and go viral, and become a powerful onboarding mechanism for Sovryn. That could be the sort of boost that our community needs. There are different ways to see the use of the Sovryn’s name, logo and ideas. I see it as marketing, not much different from someone creating their own Sovryn t-shirts with the Sovryn logo to sell for their own gain, I’d say that this would be great. I’m also fully in favor of Sovryn Financial, and any other initiatives that use Sovryn’s images and ideas. Sovryn is not a company, stop thinking in corporate terms. It would not surprise me if more projects would try to start up their own meme movements.

Blabla, what is in this for me?
Well if you have been following the market, there is always this tiny chance that this gives you crazy gains. The brc20s are in early stages. Infrastructure for it is built everywhere, the BRC20s that gain attention now, the first movers, have easy access to visibility and might really explode when the infrastructure emerges (and listings continue, and so on). You never know. Or, it is a nice way to just try out and get acquainted with BRC20s, an important new development in the bitcoin space. We Sovryns should be at the forefront of new developments on bitcoin and we should ourselves try these things out. I personally always find that worth a few bucks.

Why did this oSov experiment get started?
People are sometimes whining about marketing. Sovryn has tried a meme contest, which was fun but then went silent when the incentives stops. Some of you here think about marketing in fiat terms. “The core team should do this, should do that. We should get a marketing expert. Blaba”. We are all Sovryn here. Try out things, be open minded, put some work into it, that is how to make something happen, not by complaining and being close-minded. oSov is a call to action. To be part of new developments on bitcoin. To gather a meme movement, you need a meme token, which consists of pure speculation, fueled by hopium, and which is part of something new. That is oSov.

So what are you really proposing?
Mint some of these things and consider helping create a Sovryn meme/BRC20 movement. No one is promising you anything, there is no roadmap, there is no core team with a plan, there is just you, the powerful ideas and visions of Sovryn, the current momentum and the oSov you yourself created. IMO: these are all the ingredients needed to make you crazy gains if you put a little energy into it, just by having fun, tweeting, sharing, shilling. It’s that easy. This is a little experiment, it might be dead in a few weeks, it might go viral and make your rich, this is pure speculation (gambling) on how the Sovryn community, Sovryn core team and the outside world respond to this.

How would I join this meme movement?
Make some social media accounts, anonymous if you are afraid of flak. Tweet about bitcoin, about L2s, about Sovryn. Share your art, share your jokes and trolls, or become a reply guy for a while, whatever rocks your boat. Support fellow initiatives aligned with our own ideas, like Udi’s wizards, mavensbot. End your tweets and comments with ‘$oSov’. Join brc20 alpha trading channels, Brc20 discord groups, and if they ask them for what has 100x potential, tell them about $oSov and Sovryn. Weirdly, there is stuff to learn from doing this, you can gain followers, stumble on alpha, it can be fun. Not your thing? Well you can also more passively like, and retweet.

It would be best if our meme movement has a bit of code to go by, so that there is cohesion to our movement and it stays in harmony with Sovryn:

  • We shill oSov in whatever way we like, but we try to link to Sovryn’s community, the usual Discord channel and the official Sovryn Citadel telegram often. This way, it functions as an onboarding mechanism. This is the most tangible short term gain.
  • There is some risk of confusion (is oSov the same as SOV?), so, when asked, always honestly explain that SOV is the project’s token with utility and a share in revenue, and that oSov is only a badge, a symbol, an endorsement of the BRC20 movement, of bitcoin being inscribed and being used, a community initiative to be represented in the BRC20 world, however you see oSov exactly.
  • If it were to give us gains, let’s make it a code of our meme movement that we put that into SOV! Any pump in oSov, should eventually become a pump for SOV. oSov is pure speculation, SOV is for sound finance.

Interested but need help/info? feel free to reach out to me. Let’s try out creating something for Sovryn. BRC20s are themselves a little experiment. This too is just an experiment. Let’s have an incentive to shill, by minting some oSov ourselves, and use the attention for BRC20s, and let’s grow this group initiative to the stage where it is able to gain traction. In the current environment little is needed for this.

  • To mint: https://unisat.io/brc20/oSov. You can mint up to 0.01% of the max supply at a time, tickers that are at 50% minted of max supply, sometimes get attention and can mint out fast, so keep that in mind.
  • A twitter account to follow: https://twitter.com/oSov_ryn.
    A medium account to follow: oSov – Medium.
    Feel free to mint some oSov, and create your own social medium pages to give shape to what you think oSov should be.

One final request. If this somehow pisses you off, or triggers you, fine, just throw your dirt in my direction but please be kind to any people who might join the channel and ask for your thoughts on oSov. Be welcoming, don’t make them feel unwanted. Leave your sourness for the fiat world. :heart_hands:

What products, services or improvements could be developed by Sovryn for Ordinals and BRC-20 that you would want to see?

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Communities want to be able to attribute a usage to their brc20s and ordinals, say, by having only their token holders have access to certain information or content. Currently this is done manually. Would be great if Sovryn could automate this somehow.

Would it be possible to create a yield baring BRC-20 that when bought, the sats flow straight into sovryn to generate the yield which then flows back to the holder in BTC?

Not sure how feasible it is, but I imagine if you can have a token inside the Bitcoin main chain that generates BTC passively, that product would be quite popular.

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I have no idea about the BRC-20 stuff but I want to build docusign/google docs on ordinals and BTC L2s, already have MVP proof of concept on RSK. I reached out to Stan the Great, just beginning talks now.


Excited about this type of use cases and tools leveraging Rootstock! We need more of this :slight_smile:

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Update: I created a Medium page for oSov. Here you can find an introduction for a more worked-out initial conception of what $oSov is.

Update. There are now four tokens associated with Sovryn. A little overview of how I see the different tickers and how I communicate them. Any feedback appreciated.

$SOV: the official token of the platform, sitting on Rootstock (RSK). If you stake it, you can vote on governance proposals and you obtain a share of the revenue generated by the protocol. It was also used to raise funds for Sovryn and is used to incentivize certain usages of the protocol. Comes from the core team of Sovryn, and has an emission schedule.

$eSOV: this is an ERC20, a pegged-out version of $SOV. You cannot use this token to stake, or for governance. This is meant for trading and speculation outside of Rootstock (RSK), mainly on Ethereum. Supported by the core team of Sovryn.

$DLLR: a bitcoin backed stablecoin. You can use your BTC as collateral and mint DLLR’s, for Defi and other purposes. This is pegged to 1$. Supported by the core team.

$oSov: a BRC20 community token. Can be used to unite those who support building on bitcoin and using bitcoin. Using it as a community tag (as signature to tweets and comments on social media) gives it social utility. It should be treated the way meme tokens are treated. This is meant for speculation on the ideas of a bitcoin-based future for crypto, bitcoin L2s, and the community that can grow around these ideas. $oSov sits directly on bitcoin (not on Rootstock, RSK), it has a fair mint (anyone is free to mint some), no VCs, no-presale, no pre-mine, no central determination of a roadmap, no smart contract, no vulnerabilities. When it comes to $oSov, everyone is equal. This is currently a pure community initiative, attaching itself to Sovryn and supporting it from the outside, without central steering, incentivized only by the enthusiasm for the ideas behind Sovryn.

Sovryn is a diverse community. If you are a hardcore bitcoiner who won’t touch anything but BTC and perhaps the DLLR, there is a place for you within the Sovryn community. You need to hold no SOV, eSOV or oSov token to be a full-fledged member of the Sovryn community. If you are Defi enthusiast, interested mostly in yield and governance, SOV is your token and you are part of Sovryn. If you are a crypto enthusiast, and speculate on Sovryn holding only eSOV on Ethereum, you too are seeing something in the ideas driving Sovryn and you are a Sovryn community member. If you are a community-building enthusiast, a meme creator, a degen speculator, or someone looking for a way to signal your vision of a future built on bitcoin, there can now be a place for you too, and oSov may be the token for you.

Let Sovryn be a jurisdiction with many houses and a place for all who value sovereignty. Let oSov be a way of broadening the community, and creating the space for yet another new class of Sovryns.

I think this concept has been touched upon before, but just holding this tokens doesn’t make you a part of Sovryn, I would argue, only staked SOV makes you a member of the Sovryn community, as it is the only thing that gives you both governing rights and sharing in the protocol’s revenue.

If you can use oSov to expand the sovryn community (bringing new people to acquire and stake SOV) them I’d say oSov was a success. But, I’m not sure the sovryn community is the best place for you to grow oSov interest.

  1. they already own staked SOV
  2. Most seem to not be so opened to oSov (this could change if you can prove that you are adding value to Sovryn)

Basically I think your problem is that you are seeking validation as a precursor to use oSov to add value to Sovryn.

It could be, perhaps, that you have it he other way around. Use oSov to attract people outside of Sovryn into Sovryn, thus proving the concept has merit, and then seek validation.

I get that you are trying to get people to help you in this, but I think the interest is not there as many remain skeptic (I am too).

There is a time for words and there is a time for actions. You’ve explained well what oSov is, but words will only get you so far.
Start executing your thesis, and show their results. I am in favor of you using the oSov forum post you’ve created as a journal and continue to update us in your activities and growth. But without said activity, it would be hard for people to support it, and it starts o feel spammy.

Don’t take this the wrong way, community driven initiatives are important. I myself do a lot with my personal social accounts to bring vale to Sovryn, and have been doing it for years without asking for anything in return before I was asked to contribute officially.

Key takeaway… I was asked to, I didn’t write in the forums how I wanted recognition, I simply focused on generating value and people noticed.


Thank you Thomas, for taking the time to respond in some detail.

I think this gets to the heart of an important issue. Not only do I disagree, I think this way of thinking is behind Sovryn’s difficulty in growing, because staking SOV is attractive for only such a specific kind of crowd. It’s like saying that you are only a bitcoiner if you have a full node or are a miner, it would make the community too small adn it would hurt adoption. Sovryn cannot easily grow if it identifies the community with SOV stakers and continues to act in that way. I would urge a broader view of what it is to be a Sovryn, only then is there a way of growing a Sovryn Legion and creating the visibility on social media that community members crave for.

I agree and this is what I have done. I take myself to have proven that the concept has merit. The token minted out quickly, I made no use of the influencers that approached me (I told them to contact Ingalandia or Stan, ask them), and people found their way to Sovryn via oSov, this anyone can verify by checking the socials around the relevant dates. Then I put brakes on the thing however, when I noticed messages about oSov were deleted in the Citadel. I communicated via Twitter that oSov would be on pause until there is more clarity from the Sovryn community on the way in which it wants to be associated with the token. Sovryn wants marketing. There is now this token and I take it to be clear enough that it would work as a way of onboarding people, if Sovryn embraced it. So we’re already at step 2.

Many of the comments are about me. I don’t myself seek ‘validation’. People seem to confuse BRC20 with how premined ERC20s work, and continue to make it be about me. I don’t own the token, I’m not the largest holder, I’m not selling anything to the community. It’s not self-promotion, I wish to remain anonymous, I have no ambition to become an influencer. I’m also not asking for anything in return myself (not asking for funds, or recognition as a person, I don’t need to become an ‘official’ member or ‘official’ anything).

I am putting a proposal to the Sovryn community that I take to be to the benefit of Sovryn. There is this token out there, and I’m just telling the community that it could use it to its advantage, to create the marketing that people want, almost cost-free.

I hope this clarifies further what this is. Again, I really appreciate your contribution to the conversation and everything you do for the community Thomas!