Gold backed by btc

I´m thinking on a gold backed by btc, like doc on usd, but on gold.
¿Do you know a proyect like this?

Bitcoin is digital gold. Proof of work is equivalent to Gold mining. I a gold pegged crypto would make more sense like Pax Gold where the crypto token represent an ounce of Gold. Probably need to go through a lot of compliance, effort and regulations to make it feasible. Just my thoughts.

Bablefish but for gold backed tokens ^^ I think there is talk of more coming to market…

I guess the idea here would be a token, backed by btc, pegged to gold (pricewise). Don’t know of any (I only know of gold-backed crypto, but that’s a different thing). I think this would be an interesting application for Mynt/Zero. If I understood things correctly, creating a token through Zero is a way of going short on what is minted. If one believes in hyperbitcoinization, going short on gold makes as much as sense as going short on USD, but for different reasons (market capture in the former, inflation in the latter) and that might make it an interesting use case.

yeah, i think we need a token, backed by btc and pegged to gold.

For us, heare on svryn that can be too much interesting. We have doc, and thats ok, but we need a god (gold/doc ;D)