I kindly ask the censoring monkey mods to delete the thread (and my account as a bonus)

SIP-0044 The 3 Critical Price Impacting Changes Requested By The Community - #223 by DMAN – 1) delete 2) fuck off!


Once you started censoring you became nothing but a monkeys. You don’t want good for Sovryn, because you deleted innocent people stating their opinions that aren’t against any of your rules. You didn’t delete me, who insulted you. Because you don’t have balls. But you deleted the people who cam in support of a sip. Go fuck yourselves. And delete that thread. That thread will live in hearts of people who read it.


classic gaslighting narcissistic abuser behavior.


To the fullest!

You censor, abuse your powers, I will call you on your bullshit!


You overstimate your importance to Sovryn.

No, Sovryn doesn’t need you to “save it from doom”.

Sovryn is not so desperate for new buyers that it has to change its protocol rules to attract them.

If you’re so sure that it will collapse, then go ahead, sell and leave.

To the devs: Waste no more time engaging with the group. Sovryn does not exist to pump their bags.

Focus on getting to Beta.
Leave BCW to its ecochamber.

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we do not censor here.


In other words you just said to the MAJORITY (I hope you understand what this word means) of the community to go fuck themselves that you don’t need them.

Good, you will then support the project.

It’s lucky, I don’t care about your comment… same way like Putin doesn’t care about some twitter hater…

I just showed you the proofs that you do. That’s why I stopped caring about the sip or my proposal or anything. Do whatever you want with Sovryn. I have other things to do, I leave you in your baloon.

deleted by author :slight_smile:

I took a look at the admin logs and it shows the admins/mods have not deleted anything:

That screenshot was taken two minutes ago from this post. The names of admins and other users have been removed to protect the innocent, but you can see in the action column no admin has deleted a post. The one topic that says “Deleted by author” was a post by that same author just asking if he had the permission to post; it appears he answered his own question and so deleted that post on his own. Other than that, no post deletions in the past 48 hours.

I see no setting in Discourse or your account that would prevent you from deleting your own thread, but have gone ahead and deleted it for you.


I don’t think we should delete threads. There were messages from hundreds of people there. No one should be able to just delete threads.


Yes I just noticed that deleting his posts also removes the whole thread, which I agree isn’t fair to everyone else participating in the discussion. I’ve restored the thread.

@DMAN if you want to remove any of your parent-posts (the posts that start a thread) you’ll have to edit the post to remove any of the content you want to remove. The rest of the thread will remain available on the forum for people to participate in.