Fuck your censorship. You lock. I reopen

Monkey mods gave their own responses to my proofs that they are moderating and censoring normal users (not me) in things they don’t like.

They responded to my PROOFS with “we didn’t delete”
And technically I agree. They take you for monkeys so they can manipulate you.

What they did, they changed the ENTIRE TEXT of a post to “edited by user”…

So technically yes, it’s not deleted. And you knew it because monkey @yago I already told you that in response on the Sovryn dojo chatroom… and you still got the thread calling you out locked on a premise… that people will now think that it was a false claim.

Well, read the main topic. It wasn’t. Proofs are there, and people who can vouch for it.

People as in plural and multiple.

And you lock that thread, why? Because you know your crap doesn’t stand.

Why I started disrespecting you as a leader.

Because you don’t own your mistakes, yet you try to manipulate people like they are stupid (and I agree, some are, but you should love them as your community)… you should fucking only reply:

“I found the mod who edited, I apologise, no more censoring of things will happen”
Not “censoring didn’t happen, censoring is bad”. Yes, you want applause for saying censoring is bad and yet no accountability for your mods censoring people who break zero rules except talk bad about you?

Not even one micron as bad as I do.

And then, because you never had so much activity in forum, you cringe strongly on the thread I created.

If the thread author requests the deletion, you should oblige. You censoring monkeys!


Two different users… and I caught them fast and reacted so they stopped, but you see the mentality… the reaction to a critique?


If that happened, it would show up in the admin logs. As I already showed you here there is no log of any admins/mods editing posts. And when we filter the logs to look for that event specifically, we see the last time it occurred was in 2021 (and if we look at these specific examples, they all seem to be fairly innocuous, like changing a post title or similar).

Your accusations are completely unfounded and disproven by the screenshot I posted of the admin panel. The user who claims their post was edited by an admin edited their own post as shown in the logs on that post.

The admin/mod team has tolerated all constructive and professional criticism. We have even (perhaps against our better judgement) tolerated your invectives and insults against us and other community members. There is no censorship happening. We’ve shown you the logs to prove it. So please stop making this false accusation and hurling insults around, it is creating a toxic and hostile atmosphere that is not conducive to engaging in the otherwise important discussions you are trying to raise about Sovryn product and growth strategy. It’s also against the forum’s content policy, which we’ll start enforcing if the hostile behavior doesn’t stop:

  1. You may not submit content to the forum that is illegal, offensive, or otherwise harmful to others. This includes content that is harassing, inappropriate, or abusive.


Already replied to this on the other thread too:

I just noticed that deleting his posts also removes the whole thread, which I agree isn’t fair to everyone else participating in the discussion.

@DMAN if you want to remove any of your parent-posts (the posts that start a thread) you’ll have to edit the post to remove any of the content you want to remove. The rest of the thread will remain available on the forum for people to participate in.

No, the thread was locked because there’s nothing else to say. Your accusations are false, as shown by the logs. You also asked for your account to be deleted so I didn’t expect you to come back.

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Hard to get behind what your saying Dman, you seem unhinged in these rants. Do you really think that your SIP ideas (not an actual sip) are so monumental that the admin needs to censor you and risk losing the trust of the community over some ideas that you have/propose. Chill out, be sensible and I will listen (i’ll speak for myself) … but this is ridiculous.

You are destructive and divisive in every way possible, so why do you not do the only reasonable thing:
sell out of this project and tell your cultists, who pay you money to lose money, to do the same. No need to remain in a project you obviously do not believe in just to cause trouble.

If this is the case, then I was presented false accusation by two members, who don’t know each other even by name.

But I am willing to trust you on this, so I apologize for the false accusation.


I just disagree that the thread maker can’t delete the thread.

It’s unfair and you did it because you never got such engagement like when I came on board. When I bring the community. It’s your record engagement and you are cringing onto it like an old prostitute to a brothel gig.

You do it by making the very person who caused this activity unhappy.

I will punish you on every single way when you abuse your powers. Every single time.
You caused this from the my intention of having good and constructive conversation, by your misuse of powers, misleading (not you but Yago), etc… I just am in such wonderful position, thanks to my community support (which is by the way earned not given)… that I get to call you upon every single one of your craps and bullshits. Why?

Because you do it to ordinary little guys and go unpunished.

Now the situation is kinda special.

Your egos will have to get in check… WHILE… mine won’t.
Your stupid abuse of power will have to side with the people.
And finally your monkey leadership will have to find a SINCERE way to get things ironed-out with me calmed and satisfied… if they don’t want to have a divided community, not the other way around.

After year of me proactively ‘begging’ to get you to listen to things that matter, I approached with the community towards problem resolution. The problem would be resolved in the most constructive matter if Yago didn’t treat us for idiots and tried to twist, promise one thing then withdraw, abuse power etc.

Now the abuse of power starts.

Tell me what happens when new sovryn people who don’t know what the fuck is sovryn come and see such community: here, on telegram somewhere… and even if you ban me, there is as you know many D Man’s here… united… supportive… because they know what I do.

I educate the leadership for a little guy, for normal guys to never have to suffer power abuses again.

After year+ of pledging for what’s good, and my pointers proving right,
after the community approached you in most constructive way possible (just not flattering to your ego)…
Now is time to fuck you until submission… until you go down and KINDLY, POLITELY, SINCERELY apologise… reach out… have no cockiness…

I am not mistaken one second that you’d tolerate me if I weren’t D Man… so why I would need to pretend I am some weakish guy when you would CRUSH the weak guy?

However, I say this clearly, you want things constructive for Sovryn, Yago has to bend over and get his ego in check… I WANT things constructive for sovryn. Just… this time… (for a change) I will not be the first one to 1) approach 2) try to get some sense into him etc.

This time, it goes by force.

For as long as he wants to.

How will the project succeed with 65-70%+ of the people against the leadership.

It’s a problem when 5%+ is against the leadership.

Why does it matter?

Because if this is not checked, then his actions will REPEAT.

And can an ordinary sovryn member fix it?


Even I have trouble fixing it who represent majority of the community.

So now I have to occupy the community, and appeal to the intellect of ANYONE within Sovryn team who dares to tell king Yago he is dealing with it stupidly… destroying community day by day.

Once yago comes down and fucking understands my points…
once he apologises sincerely not like a politician…

Then he will tell honestly: “hey brother, I want to earn money on this, I don’t want to change the tokenomics for the team”… and I’ll fucking say okay, respect the honesty, fuck it, let’s try to find some solution, maybe lock of the tokens or something…

But he will not tell me and the hundreds of people “yes, we will do it” only to act like he said nothing the day later. (proofs are all the people who participated in AMA 2".

Time to get lube Yago…

I am not giving up on this one because I have interests in Sovryn… and I know how damaging it is if you don’t change.

You guys fucking think Sovryn is big success?

see the charts, projects that have 96% retrace are more likely to die in the next 3 years than to survive… even harder to make ATH and success… I proposed for that reason some DRASTIC changes that could refresh the project and shock it to awaken from the dead.

Waiting to have my dick sucked.