Liquidity Porvider - just how to do this?

Hi all, I am beginner in crypto. I just send some rBTC to sovryn. I’d like to get some SOV tokens through liquidity providing but can you tell me where is an instruction just how to do it? As I understand LP is not the same as Lending. So?

Hi there, you can go to the “market maker” tab at the top of and provide RBTC liquidity on the USDT pool. You can find more info here: Market-Making | SOVRYN Wiki

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Thank you man! So I’ve become LP. Now - do I see somewhere my gains? Or when will I get some SOV?

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Hey again, now I’d like to add Liquidity on pair USDT-USDT. So I send some USDT to my Liquality wallet but now I can’t supply USDT because Sovryn doesn’t see any USDT on my wallet. What could I do wrong?