Very worried I lost my funds with MM/Ledger Nano X

Yesterday I used the Sovryn Bridge to send WBTC and ETH from Ethererum to RSK, using Ledger Nano X.

However, I used MetaMask (connected to Ledger) and had the RSK network put on there automatically by a website. At the time the RSK app was NOT installed on my Ledger.

I can see the RBTC and ETHs in MM, however, the addresses on the Ledger do not show any balance when I make a direct hardware connection to it from the Sovryn app.

One small consoling factor is that I think I signed a couple of small transactions with tiny fees and I can see them from RSK Explorer.

Every time whenever I try to deposit my assets onto a farm using MM, MM crashes.

If I try sending a very small amount (0.001 ETHs) to the first Ledger address, MM hangs, and when I refresh it (I opened it in expanded view), it shows it as a pending transaction, which isn’t on the RSK blockchain. Ledger didn’t ask me to approve the tx.

Do I have the private keys to my RSK assets? The wallet address is the same on both Ethereum and RSK blockchains.

I was able to resolve this using MetaMask on Firefox. MM on Chrome (connected to Ledger) doesn’t work for this.

I could send assets from Firefox to one of the addresses in the list shown by the Sovryn app (connected to Ledger directly), and sign the transactions from the Ledger.

This doesn’t sound right, because according to the wiki WBTC is not one of the assets supported by the Sovryn Bridge. Did the WBTC actually show up in your address on RSK? :thinking:

Glad you figured it out!

Ah right, I used the FastBTC relay via the Portfolio page Deposit button for the BTC.